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Eureka Rozvadov Becomes the Biggest Standalone Eureka Event After Day 1B

After 192 players registered to play in the Eureka Rozvadov Main Event, another 301 took their seats today, bringing the total number of participants to 493 and making this the biggest field in any standalone Eureka event. Naturally, both Eureka Prague and Vienna had over a thousand runners, but both of these were a part of the European Poker Tour. For a standalone event in the small Czech village of Rozvadov, this is a great success. Making this an even bigger success is the fact that the tournament is taking place during the World Series of Poker when many players are away in Vegas, so one can only guess what the numbers would be during some other time of the year.

Rozvadov has actually taken down its own record for the biggest standalone Eureka event from Season 3 when 421 players took part. Interestingly enough, although a decent amount of Czech players participate in the Eureka Main Events, one is yet to win the title.

Ninety-one players made it through to Day 2 and they will be joining the 60 who won their place at the tables yesterday. With registration closed, the numbers are in and a total of 71 players will be making money. The smallest cash amounts to €1,840, while the winner will be walking away with the hefty sum of €93,600. Since the tournament prize pool is a guaranteed €500,000 this means that players will get to enjoy an overlay of €7,000. It may not be a huge amount, but free money is free money! Combine that with the completely free whole day buffet and you get a pretty much dream-come-true situation for a poker player.

Bringing some hope for Czech players to finally capture the Eureka title is Jiri Vana, who finished the day as the chip leader with 170,600. This was still not enough to top the results of Stefan Raab from Day 1A and he will be returning as the overall chip leader tomorrow with just over 200,000.

Briki Istavan finished in second chip position with 168,100, while PokerStars player Christopher Frank bagged the third biggest stack of the day equaling 167,500. EPT Vienna runner-up Anthony Ghamrawi also ended the day with a very healthy stack of 144,100. Michael Elier, former EPT Vienna winner, also made it through for tomorrow, bagging 71,500.

Amongst those who fell along the way, one of the most famous names is that of Pius Heinz, as well as WSOP bracelet winner Eddy Scharf. The remaining 151 players will return to the tables at 2 PM local time tomorrow to play down to the money and beyond before calling it a day, so there will be some exciting poker action to keep an eye on.

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