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EPT10 Grand Final Super High Roller Day 2: Bubble Bursts, Rono Lo Leads The Final Table

The record has finally been set. Following yesterday’s Day 1, the European Poker Tour Monte Carlo Grand Final Super High Roller resumed today with three more players: one in Mike Watson, who played yesterday and decided to take another shot, and two newcomers in David Peters and Gus Hansen.

So with a field of 50 unique players and 62 total entries, the Monaco SHR event entered the EPT history books. And if we add a top prize of over €1.8 million, the biggest ever in any European Super High Roller, then the picture is complete.

The three new entrants started the day with a decent stack of over 40 big blinds. Hansen went on to accumulate even more chips on just his third hand of the tournament. He open-raised from under the gun and called a three-bet by Isaac Haxton preflop. On the #9c#kh#10c flop, the Dane announced his all-in with Haxton calling. Although the American was in great shape preflop with his #as#ad, the flop favored Hansen as he turned his #qs#jc hand into a straight.

The Dane went even further and eliminated Tobias Reinkemeier, but busted just before the blinds had gone up to 5,000/10,000. Hansen four-bet big on a #jh#as#7c flop and Daniel Colman responded with an all-in. Hansen called with #ah#ks but was in terrible shape as his opponent held #ac#js to win the hand.

Other players like Paul Newey, Max Altergott, Erik Seidel, Vanessa Selbst, and Antonio Esfandiari followed in his footsteps in being eliminated early. Also, the other two players who registered late, Peters and Watson, shared Hansen’s fate.

Watson was eliminated at the hands of Day 2’s big surprise player and final table chip leader Lo Shing Fung, who is also known as Rono Lo, according to PokerStars Blog. Fung check-raised on a #10s#9c#5h#kh board with Watson calling and moved all-in on the #6d river. Watson made his final call of the event with #ks#kc – the second best hand behind Fung’s #jh#qd.

But this was only the beginning as Rono Lo was just warming up. He also crippled Day 2 starting chip leader Philipp Gruissem and eliminated Daniel ‘KidPoker’ Negreanu in a #ac#ks vs. #ad#jd battle.

The highlight of the day, however, happened much later when Rono Lo hypnotized his opposition with a…song. The first who fell victim to the Macau-based player’s enchantments was Ping San Chan. He couldn’t let go of his two pair on the river and called a bet with his last chips. Feng held a set for the winning hand.

The second elimination set the stage for the unofficial final table and the money bubble. Rono Lo once again started whispering a song as he raised all-in on a #ad#5s#8d#6d board. Fabian Quoss didn’t know what to make of it and called with #ac#8s for two pair. Unfortunately for the German, Rono Lo once again held the best hand, #kd#qd for the nut flush.

The money bubble lasted under half an hour with Mike McDonald being the unfortunate player who finished just outside the goodies. Having only 12 big blinds, McDonald raised all-in with #6c#6d after Colman open-raised. Colman called with #as#qs and caught the winning ace on the flop.

The final table will resume tomorrow starting at 1:00 PM local time with each player having a guaranteed prize of €241,000.

Here are the final eight that will battle for the big prize of €1,804,000:

  1. Lo Shing Fung (Macau) – 4,558,000
  2. Ole Schemion (Germany) – 2,818,000
  3. Daniel Cates (USA) – 2,341,000
  4. Paul Phua (Malaysia) – 1,785,000
  5. Daniel Colman (USA) – 1,398,000 
  6. Richard Yong (Hong Kong) – 1,301,000
  7. Olivier Busquet (USA) – 1,038,000
  8. Igor Kurganov (Russia) – 261,000

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