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EPT San Remo: 16 Players Return for Day 5

Day 4 of the EPT San Remo Main Event was completed yesterday. Despite expecting it would be a short run as it was meant to play down to 16 players from the original 39 who returned for the start of the day, the players proved us otherwise. Everyone still was determined to battle to the bitter end in their efforts to put themselves in the best position possible to win the title and the first place prize of €476,100.

Despite all the determination and good will, always increasing blinds make sure that there is no lack of action and it was no different yesterday in San Remo. One after another, players busted, bringing the number ever closer to forming the final two tables. The first departures seen were those of Dan Murariu and Dimitar Danchev. A Bulgarian pro will not be seizing this title in Italy.

As the eliminations continued, Olivier Busquet hit the rail as well, together with Michale Tureniac and Denis Pisarev. To wrap the day up, Ludovic Riehl finished his run in 17th place, banking €22,575, a nice cash but a far cry from what he would be battling for at the final table.

The final elimination was accompanied by an excited tweet from Vicky Coren. The only lady left in the tournament is in with a fighting chance, although her stack of 535,000 is trailing the average of about one million. The player who started yesterday as the chip leader, Spaniard Raul Mestre, continued his good run as he finished second in chips with a stack of 1.7 million. But the person all the remaining players will be looking to catch up with will be starting today with quite an advantage. Jordan Westmorland, an American living in Australia, managed to run away with quite a chip lead yesterday, as he is sitting on over 3 million in chips. Alex Kravchenko is still in the tournament as well, with 743,000 – under average, but everybody still in knows that he represents a serious threat as long as he has chips in front of him.

As for Coren, she is not only the last woman standing in the tournament; she is also the last surviving EPT champion in Italy after yesterday’s eliminations of Tureniac and Danchev. If she is to make another run for the title, she will need some help to build up her stack, but one or two good hands could easily put her in a position of power.

The plan for today is to play until eight players are eliminated and the final table is formed. We will not make a mistake of predicting a short day today, as it can really go either way (as proven yesterday). But one thing is for certain, the remaining sixteen players have a lot of quality play in them and it will be an exciting day of poker in San Remo!

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