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EPT Monaco Grand Final: We Have the Final Eight

The long awaited names of the eight finalists of the EPT Monaco Main Event are no longer a secret. After six days of play (including Days 1A and 1B), 642 players have been sent to the rail. Only eight of them are still in with a shot at the title and the €1.2 million first place prize.

When play started today, that number was 17. All of them unpacked their chips hoping they would survive today and become part of the final eight competing for the Grand Final championship title. Some of them were in with a really good shot, others were nursing a short stack, but still believed cards could come their way and put them in serious contention.

First to go out was Steven Silverman, who was the second shortest stack to start the day. His executioner was Mayu Roca, who sent him home with €55,850. Soon to follow was the shortest stack at the start of play, Matias Ruzzi, whose Ace-Queen couldn’t outrun the pocket Kings of Antonio Buonanno.

Next to fall were Nikita Nikolaev and Nicholas Peterangelo, who received €62,350 for their efforts in Monaco, but couldn’t go any further. Not long after, Ivan Soshnikov was out as well at the hands of Vasili Firsau.

Mark Teltscher was the only player remaining in the competition with a shot at a second EPT title. Victoria Coren–Mitchell was the first player to achieve this with her recent victory in San Remo and Teltscher was in with a shot to match this achievement if he could win in Monaco. Sadly, we will have to wait a bit more for another double EPT winner as he was sent to the rail in 12th place by Sebastian von Toperczer.

Miroslav Alilovic was next to go with €83,200 to his name. Once he was out, we were two eliminations away from the official final table. Vasili Firsau from Belarus had actually finished in tenth place last year in this same tournament and was looking to go a bit further this year. But the old adage that history repeats itself would be proven as he was ousted in 10th again by Jack Salter when his Ace-Ten couldn’t come ahead of Salter’s pocket Jacks.

With Firsau leaving, it was down to nine players and a single table. But before play would be stopped for the day, one more elimination was needed as the official final table would feature eight players. It didn’t take long, as soon after they gathered for nine-handed action, Martins Seilis got knocked out and the one doing the knocking-out was again Salter, who came from behind this time to execute the finishing blow for the Latvian.

His elimination meant that the names of the final eight players to return tomorrow were known. Of those eight, the shortest stack is that of Sebastian Bredthauer with 755,000. But considering he qualified for the tournament via Pokerstars for only 100 FPPs, and that this is his first live tournament, he will probably count anything good that happens tomorrow as an added bonus.

Coming back tomorrow with the best mathematical chance is the Englishman Jack Salter, who is leading the way with 5,170,000. Salter has already topped his best live result regardless of his final table finish in Monaco.

Second in chips is Mayu Roca, sitting on 4,625,000. He is the only one relatively close to the chip leader. Swede Magnus Karlsson is in third place with a stack of 2,595,000.

Karlsson will be returning tomorrow followed by the Italian Antonio Buonanno, who bagged 2,065,000 today. American Kenny Hicks returned today as the chip leader, but finished today in fifth place with 1.8 million.

Sixth place belongs to Norwegian Sebastian von Toperczer with a stack of 1,240,000, who has also secured his best live result by far with this run in Monaco. German Malte Moenning is coming back in seventh with 1,150,000.

The waiting is now over. We know the eight players who will return tomorrow for the conclusion of the EPT10 Monaco Grand Final. When they come back to play, we at PokerUpdate will come back as well and stay with them until we know the name of the champion. If you’ve been keeping up with the action for the past couple of days, you will definitely want to tune in tomorrow as the EPT Monaco Grand Final reaches its conclusion!

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