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EPT Monaco Day 4: Down to Seventeen

Day 4 of the EPT Monaco Grand Final started with 41 players. All of these players were already guaranteed a payday, so they had a different goal today – making it to the last two tables, as it was planned to play until sixteen players were left in the field (or for five full levels, whatever came first). But 25 or so would have to walk away disappointed before this could happen.

The day started with a couple of early eliminations that included Bryan Paris, as well as end of Day 2 chip leader Vladimir Troyanovskiy. But it wouldn’t stop with them, although things did slow down a bit. Slowly but surely we also lost Yulius Sepman, Emil Patel and the overall chip leader heading into Day 2, Hendrik Latz. The last player to fall before the remaining 24 would merge into three tables of eight was Christoph Vogelsang.

Upon the merger, things really got quiet at the tables, as there were no eliminations or really big hands to speak of. Every player still in was aware that they were eight eliminations away from surviving to Day 5 and they refused to be part of the unlucky eight. In the end, it was PokerStars Pro David Williams who broke the spell. Williams was nursing a short stack for most of the day and his luck eventually ran out when he ended up in 24th place. Soon to follow were Eros Nastasi, Heinz Kamutzki, Deni Stern, Scott Clemens and David Yan. When Conor Shelly was eliminated in 18th, it was time to determine the unlucky one who would fall just short of making it through to the next day. This did not happen, however, as the planned time for play ran out and seventeen players will be returning tomorrow instead.

Of those remaining, Sebastian Bredthauer must be the story of the tournament. Not only that this is his first EPT, this is his very first live tournament and he won his entry through a PokerStars qualifier for a measly 100 FPPs playing step tournaments. He didn’t even know what he was playing for to start with, wanting to make like 1000 FPPs so he could buy a deck of cards or something. Only when he got to the 5,000 level did he realize that it was for the Monaco Grand Final. He pulled through and is now poised for an incredible finish with a stack of 1,065,000 chips and is already guaranteed the minimum payday of more than €55,000.

Leading the pack towards the final table tomorrow will be US player Kenny Hicks with a stack of 2,499,000. On his heels is Jack Salter from England, although he has some work to do with 1,750,000. Not far behind are Norwegian Sebastian von Toperczer, who bagged 1,456,000, and German Malte Moennig sitting on 1,450,000.

The short stack tomorrow will belong to Matias Ruzi, who bagged 402,000. Mark Teltscher, who’s been on quite a rollercoaster ride today, managed to build his stack up to 802,000 and is out of the immediate danger zone. This also means that there is still hope for the second two-time EPT champion. Steven Silverman is coming back as the second shortest stack with 436,000 to his name. Still also in are Ivan Soshnikov, Mayu Roca and a few others.

Day 5 tomorrow will give a final and definitive answer what the final table of the EPT10 Monte Carlo Grand Final Main Event will look like. Nine will be eliminated, eight will remain to come back on Friday and play for the title. The title and more than €1.2 million await one of the eight players who make it through the day tomorrow, so there isn’t even the slightest doubt that they will all give their best to get there. And we will be there as well to make sure we don’t miss any of the important action and find out the names of those who will be returning on Friday for the big conclusion of EPT Season 10.

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