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Electric Celebration! Brandon Paster Wins The WSOP $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Event

What better way to celebrate a World Series of Poker win than partying for three days at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway? “I am gonna party my face off. There’s no better way to celebrate a bracelet than EDC (The Electric Daisy Carnival). I’m on cloud nine. It’s unreal,” Brandon Paster told

Paster won Event #37: $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha and now he wants to enjoy life to the fullest. He used to grind the PLO tables but the high variance and regular ups and downs tore him apart and made him rethink his strategy. “Playing exclusively Omaha for a living is not really sustainable,” said Paster, explaining why he now focuses on the No Limit Hold’Em tournaments after a lifetime of PLO grinding.

And what better way to wrap up the Omaha experience than winning a WSOP Omaha gold bracelet plus a hefty $264,000 cash prize? “This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Hands down. It hasn’t sunk in yet, but it’s a blessing,” he added.

Paster started the final day second in chips, ready to make a final run. He was the chip leader after Day 1 and was looking to deny Marcel Vonk his second gold bracelet. And with AP Phahurat and Dapreesch Scates bursting the nine-handed final table bubble, the 27-year-old Massachusetts-based player was in a very good position to finish off strong:

I was gifted the best situation possible. I had the most aggressive players all on my right the whole time. I was in a great situation. Other stacks just couldn’t do much against me. I kinda just got to chill and play my hands and didn’t have to get involved in too many big pots.”

He drew first blood by eliminating Galen Hall in ninth place for $18,837. Hall raised all-in on a #10c#8h#kc flop while holding #qs#js#9s#8s. Paster called and was in front with his #js#ac#2c#10s hand. The future winner eventually sealed the deal by rivering a flush.

After that, the 27-year-old Paster had all sorts of emotions from a classic “poker sucks” muttering to a “run good, run f—ing good” big smile. Between all those emotions, Kevin Saul ($24,111), Dmitrii Valouev ($31,278), Millard Hale ($41,121), and Matthew Dames ($54,855) were eliminated to shrink the final table down to just four.

Matt Humphrey was the unlucky one who was on the other side of Paster’s “run good” celebration. He was in front preflop holding #ac#ah#kh#5s but the flop and the turn gave his opponent a winning straight. So Humphrey had to leave the table defeated in fourth place with a consolation prize of $74,306.

Gabriel Nassif was in the same situation, being in front on the #ah#7s#6c flop but the turn had other plans by improving Paster’s hand and sending Nassif to the rail with $102,373.

And with the Paster holding most of the chips in play, heads-up play was a walk in the park for him. In just the third hand of the final round, Vonk moved all his stack in the middle preflop with #ad#qc#2c#3s and was dominated by his opponent who held #as#ac#8s#kd. The flop gave Vonk two pairs but the #ah turn delivered the final blow of the tourney and sent the one-time bracelet winner home with a $163,625 cash prize in his pockets.

Congratulations to Brandon Paster on winning the $1,500 PLO event. He will now head to the Electric Daisy Carnival that starts later today and get ready for a three-week long road trip around the U.S. after that. When will he return to the old poker grind? Not any time soon that’s for sure since he also plans to try a new living experience in the great city of Amsterdam.

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