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Durrrr Challenge to Resume Under New Rules

Dan “Jungleman12” Cates told in an exclusive interview that the Durrrr Challenge with Tom Dwan is back on after the pair have agreed to new rules to conclude the contest.

Cates did not disclose the parameters of the agreed-upon rules, saying that the information will be revealed to the poker community on 2 + 2 toward the end of next week. Jungleman did reveal, however, that the high-stakes match with “durrrr” will find both combatants on the online felt in about four days.

“I don’t think I’m gonna lose the challenge at all,” Cates told Rikard Aberg via video from Vienna, where he plans on keeping a semi-permanent home. The high-stakes pro has a number of friends there and has found the city to his liking.

What Cates has not taken a shine to are live tournaments, where the pace of the action that often finds players stalling is not something he enjoys. Jungleman said that he tends to make “some fundamental mistakes” during live tournaments. Cates is also deeply concerned about the recent hotel break-ins at EPT Barcelona where several players have reported their laptops tampered with.

‘I’m not going to be joining any EPTs any time soon,” Cates said. “At least three EPTs high-profile players’ rooms have been broken into and computers have been hacked. That’s one additional reason I won’t be going.”

When it comes to the best high-stakes players, Cates name-dropped a few who he respects and who have given him trouble during online play at one time or another. Ike Haxton, Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky, Douglas “WGCRider” Polk, and another player identified only as “Regan” were mentioned by Cates as being tops in heads-up action.

Sulsky and Polk have agreed to a high-stakes heads-up match of their own, which was reported here at PokerUpdate yesterday. Cates will no doubt be on the rail for that challenge, as Sulsky in particular has proven to be a formidable foe.

“What he’s [Sulsky] doing is superior than what I can come up with,” Cates said, paying respect to Sauce1234. “He reorganized his range,” which Cates has found to be “difficult to exploit.”

Jungleman does not appear to have the same respect for Dwan that he has for the other pros mentioned. He referred to durrrr as “over-rated” and is anxious to finish the challenge that finds him ahead well over $1 million after about 25,000 hands have been played.

A lot of players have money riding on the outcome of the Durrrr Challenge and will be pleased to know that new rules designed to finish the match have been reached. Cates himself has quite a big stake in himself apart from the 3-1 odds he’s getting from Dwan on $500,000, with his only regret being that he “didn’t organize his action properly.”

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