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Durrrr Challenge Resumes and Jungleman Extends Lead

With Doug “WGCRider” Polk and Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky nearing completion of their heads-up challenge over the weekend, the durrrr Challenge also resumed and saw Dan “jungleman12” Cates extend his lead over Tom “durrrr” Dwan.

A new playing agreement between the pair finally got Dwan back onto the felt, much to the delight of Cates, who managed to increase his lead in the contest by another $197,000. The heads-up pros played a total of 1,485 hands in the latest session, with Dwan actually holding the edge throughout much of the day, Highstakes Database reported.

Cates grabbed a 100k lead in the early going, giving the appearance that “durrrr” was in for more than a spot of trouble from the get-go. But the Full Tilt Professional battled back, eroding that $100,000 deficit and adding 130k to the good in the process.

Dwan held the advantage for almost three hours, but couldn’t maintain the momentum. Cates once again took control, winning about $327,000 in a span of some 90 minutes to finish the session on top by almost $200k.

Cates now leads the match by about $1.5 million overall. The original parameters of the challenge gave “jungleman12” a 3-1 edge on a $500,000 wager, meaning Cates will win $1,500,000 after risking only 1/3 of that if he remains on top after 50,000 hands. That’s in addition to the money won on the felt.

But the new agreement that brought Dwan back to the table may have changed the structure of the wager. The players have not disclosed the specifics of the recently brokered agreement, but may be more forthcoming with the information once the action has resumed at a speedier pace.


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