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Durrrr Challenge Fizzles Again; Cates Annoyed

After Daniel “jungleman12” Cates made a post in the High Stakes section of 2+2 saying that he and Tom “durrrr” Dwan had agreed to play at least 3,000 hands toward the much maligned “Durrrr Challenge” in August, everyone got excited.  Cates also said that a certain amount of hands would be played in subsequent months or there would be consequences for the offending player.  It looked like it was going to be a great month for railbirds that would result in huge swings, big pots and lots of heads-up poker action.

The challenge has been the opposite of that, though, and has once again become a major disappointment.  The pair played one very short session during the month of August that was less than 150 hands, resulting in Cates winning just over $20k.  Both of those numbers are paltry in comparison to the totals that have already been posted in the challenge and the numbers that will be seen if this match actually gets off the ground at any point this year.

Making his frustration well known once again, Cates came onto 2+2 and basically said that he was willing to play all of August and that durrrr was the one who didn’t play and is to blame for the challenge stagnating.  Many players have now taken to the thread to suggest different tacks to try to get the challenge completed. One such suggestion was a signed contract or money placed in escrow that would be released to the willing player that conforms to the agreement and taken from the player who does not live up to the agreement of playing the required amount of hands.

No matter what actually gets agreed to, it’s clear that Dwan is not interested in completing this challenge in a reasonable amount of time. It has been nearly 4 years (2.5 of which FTP has been open for business), which is an obscene amount of time for a challenge of this nature to continue.  Dwan has been active on FTP in spurts during the past few months and putting in 1,000 or 2,000 hands during this time shouldn’t have been terribly difficult.  Some 2,000 hands would be less than 1/30th of his total volume in 2013, according to, which is laughably small.

The other thing that Dwan has to consider now is that his reputation may be damaged if this drags on much longer.  Many people are getting really annoyed with how the challenge is going and at some point it becomes a question of whether Dwan can follow through on bets he makes.  While the durrr challenge seems to be the only proof of him having these kinds of issues, it does begin to raise some questions and could cause Dwan problems in the future.  The worst part of the entire scenario is that it is a pretty easy fix and should be something that durrrr can rectify with little effort, but it doesn’t appear that he wants to.

This challenge will need to get done one way or the other.  Right now, it looks like it might be leaning toward the “other,” which could result in some kind of buyout or agreement that if the required hands are not completed in a reasonable amount of time, the person who is willing to play will be declared the winner.  Either way, this challenge has gone on long enough and Dwan has bigger concerns beginning to creep up other than losing the match to Dan Cates.  It’s sad for all of the fans of Dwan, such as myself, because it’s hard to give durrrr the benefit of the doubt any longer. It looks like Dwan is the reason why this challenge isn’t happening.

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Andrew Schupick