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Durrrr Challenge Becomes Durrrr Spat

The durrrr Challenge that began almost three years ago between Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Daniel “jungleman12” Cates has reached an impasse that has many players calling for the match’s three mediators to make some sort of decision regarding the most equitable way to either continue the match or end it now if the two combatants don’t play to a conclusion.

You’ll recall that in 2010, Dwan announced the challenge under the terms that he can beat virtually any other player in a heads-up battle and was willing to pay 3 to 1 to any takers. Ever on the lookout for value, Cates sprung to action and accepted the deal that would pay him $1.5 million should he win, while risking only $500,000 if Dwan achieved victory.

Needless to say, the poker community became intrigued with the challenge and commenced grabbing a piece of the action in various ways and at equally various odds. A lot of players reportedly have quite a bit of cash riding on the outcome of the competition, which has many wondering when the players will take to the felt to settle the score.

Therein lies the problem. The durrrr Challenge has become a war of words between Dwan and Cates that, according to postings by the pair on 2 + 2, is fraught with communication breakdowns and misunderstandings. Players would like to take to the rail and watch the contest play out, but it doesn’t appear that such a resolution will be happening anytime soon.

[quote text=”Thinking you (Durrrr) were a pathological liar/sociopath…More likely just very apathetic.” person=”Daniel Cates” align=”left”]

The heads-up challenge began in August 2010 on Full Tilt Poker. The first delay occurred when the DoJ shut down the site following the Black Friday allegations in April 2011. The match remained stagnant for an extended period, but resumed briefly following Full Tilt’s relaunch some eight months ago. Dwan and Cates have not faced each other now for a number of months since that short resumption, which has led many players with money on the line to wonder how long it will take to either collect or pay out their wagers on the durrrr Challenge outcome.

Cates has repeatedly insisted that he’s more than willing to make time to continue the match and has urged Dwan to let him know times that are most convenient. Dwan seems miffed at various comments Cates has made that insinuate that Dwan is “dodging” him, which has led durrrr to find other games such as the high stakes cash action in Macau more to his liking. Other forum posters have also stated that Dwan is good friends with Kevin “Phwap” Boudreau and is making time to visit the pro who suffered cerebral hemorrhaging while competing at the 44th annual WSOP in Las Vegas.

The full thread at 2 + 2 includes varying degrees of name-calling such as Dwan’s wavering over whether Cates is an outright “scumbag, or just socially awkward” for making a number of comments via social media that showed durrr in a most unfavorable light. Not to be outdone, Cates at one point began “thinking you [durrrr] were a pathological liar/sociopath,” but later admits that Dwan is possibly “more likely just very apathetic.”

As it stands now, Dwan and Cates have played 19,335 hands with jungleman ahead to the tune of $1,251,059. The contest requires 50,000 hands to be played spread across four Heads-Up No-Limit tables simultaneously with $200/$400 blinds. That leaves 30,665 hands remaining before a winner can be declared.

Other posters with a vested interest in the outcome believe the wait has indeed been long enough and that “whoever the judges are should start considering forfeiting Durrrr and have Jungle win the sidebet.” That likely won’t happen. However, the entire poker community is highly interested in this match and would like to see the combatants put aside their differences and bury whatever miscommunication caused the durrrr Challenge to remain in a holding pattern.



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