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Duncan McLellan is UKIPT Nottingham Champion

The final table of the richest UKIPT stop in Nottingham only took about four hours to produce the new champion and his name is Duncan McLellan. He managed to claim his second UKIPT title in seven months after defeating Angelo Milioto heads-up. Before heads-up play started, the two cut a deal, ensuring £168,000 for McLellan while Milioto locked up nearly £144,000. They still left a decent sum to play for, in the form of £34,000, which meant that Duncan’s eventual victory netted him a total of £202,372.

Falling just before the final battle was Trevor Pearson, whose third place finish was good for £89,900. He met his doom after running his Ace-Jack into the #ac#kc of McLellan. The highest card on the board was a nine and it was rail time for Pearson. With that elimination, McLellan also ensured he would enter heads-up play with about a 2.5:1 chip advantage and it proved to be more than enough to bring the victory home. Pearson is probably not too disappointed, though, as he started today as the shortest stack and made it all the way to the top three spots.

William Eliot managed to seize the chip lead just before the end of last night’s action and returned today with the biggest stack. The chip advantage proved not to be enough for anything better than a fourth place finish. Eliot had been very active at the final table and eventually fell to McLellan when he ran his Aces full of Treys into the quad Aces of McLellan. He goes home £67,000 richer.

Although he started today with a decent stack, the cards wouldn’t fall Ryan Spittles way today and he was down to just eleven big blinds before playing his final hand. He moved his chips in with #ks#jd and found a caller in Angelo Milioto with #ad#10s. The board brought no help for Ryan and he took his leave together with £51,700.

The only non-UK player at the final table, Spaniard Juan Benito, was going very strong throughout the tournament, maintaining the chip lead since the end of Day 3, only to lose it near the end of the day yesterday. He still returned today second in chips and finishing in sixth must be a disappointment for him. The final hand saw him go to war against McLellan and it was McLellan who flipped better, raking in a huge pot and sending the Spaniard home with £38,400 and a nice experience as his reward for a deep run in Nottingham.

Seventh place went to Anthony Flynn, who shoved for about twelve big blinds with #ac#7s and once again it was Duncan McLellan in the big blind who put an end to Flynn’s run, making the call with #qh#jh. Flynn made it through the flop unscarred and unimproved, but a Queen on the turn put McLellan in the lead and as the river brought no help, Flynn was sent to the rail with £29,300 to his name.

The first one to leave his final table seat today was Ramey Shaio. He, too, fell at the hands of McLellan, whose pocket Fours managed to stand up against Shaio’s #ad#qh after turning a straight. Shaio received £20,800 for his short presence at the final table.

Duncan McLellan must be quite proud of his achievement and he has every reason to be, as making two UKIPT titles in well under a year is no easy task. Although relatively short, today’s final table offered a decent amount of quality play and excitement, as was expected from the richest stop in the history of UKIPT.

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