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Dream Comes True for Scott Davies in Melbourne: First WSOP Gold in the Main Event

Some people dream of piles of money, expensive houses and luxury cars. Some others desire fame and recognition for their own sake. Yet others dream of winning WSOP bracelets. You could, of course, say that every poker player covets a WSOP bracelet at some level and you wouldn’t be wrong, but with some that desire is so strong that it takes precedence over everything else.

Formidable field in Crowns Casino

This was the case with Scott Davies, an American-born poker player currently residing in Canada who claimed victory in the WSOP APAC Main Event, topping a formidable field of 329 players. The names that he left behind included the likes of Phil Hellmuth, recently crowned player of the year George Danzer, 2012 WSOP ME champion Greg Merson, close contender for the PoY title Brandon Shack-Harris, and many more.

Whether you are a top notch pro or an amateur, your money counts the same toward the prize pool. And when registration ended, that prize pool crossed the AU$3,000,000 mark, guaranteeing AU$850,000 for the player who made it all the way through five days of battle.

Creating the final table of six

With the bubble bursting early on Day 3, the remaining players were free to focus solely on making the final table and compete for the prestigious title. Jackie Glazier fell in 12th place, and just a few eliminations later, Victor Teng hit the rail in 7th. Among the final six players, there was still one lady remaining to fight for the title.

Ang Italiano was not just the only lady standing in the event, she was, interestingly enough, the only Australian representative still standing. This was a bit uncharacteristic for this year’s WSOP APAC as Aussie’s have, in general, fared very well and claimed more than their fair share of the bracelets.

To the victory

Italiano started as the shortest stack and she couldn’t get any traction going, so she was the first one to depart, taking home a decent prize of AU$118,769 for her efforts. She was followed to the rail by two USA pros at the final table, Frank Kassela (AU$164,089) and Kyle Montgomery (AU$231,287).

The only representative of Taiwan, Henry Wang, would then depart in 3rd, banking $343,805 and leaving Jack Salter from UK and Scott Davies to fight it out for the bracelet and very respectable first place prize money.

Dream comes true

Davies all of a sudden found himself sitting just inches away from capturing his dream – winning a WSOP bracelet. He blogged about it, he talked about it, and he simply had it coming. There wasn’t much Salter could do to stop him.

Cards simply kept falling Scott’s way and hand after hand he was chipping away at Jack. The final hand only confirmed what was already quite clear. This bracelet had the name of Scott Davies engraved on it all along.

Salter turned trips and got his chips in the middle, only to find that he was miles behind Davies, who turned full of Sixes. The river brought no miracle for the UK pro, and he would have to be satisfied with the runner-up consolation prize of only AU$516,960.

Davies, who became AU$850,136 richer after this victory, was out of words. The money was great, but not as great as the bracelet. No amount of money can ever match the feeling of a long-time dream coming true – a dream that has become a reality for Davies after many years of dreaming!

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