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Dislike for Sheldon Adelson Grows

Sheldon Adelson has raised the ire of the poker community with his Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, but indications are that he is also not very well-liked among his own employees.

The Las Vegas Sands CEO has apparently made some enemies of workers at his Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, who blame the casino mogul for causing their social security numbers to be made public. The information was leaked by hackers last month, who allegedly were perturbed at Adelson for comments he made encouraging the U.S. to use nuclear warheads against Iran in an effort to protect Israel.

Several Bethlehem Sands casino employees anonymously voiced their displeasure over their boss’ actions to Gambling911, one saying that the elderly billionaire “should just shut up” with regard to politics and keep his focus on his gambling businesses. Another revealed that the security breach has left him “terrified” that his identity may now possibly be stolen.

In addition to employees being affected by the security breach, The Morning Call reported that some 40,000 customers also had their passport, driver’s license and social security numbers posted online. Those casino patrons will be notified shortly and allowed to participate in credit monitoring in order to stave off any possible identity theft.

More than 8 million people enter the Pennsylvania casino complex annually and a spokesman attempted to downplay the damage by stating that only “a very small percentage” of patrons had their personal information compromised. The casino is now busily “working to ensure that the identified customers [and employees] are protected.”

That was little consolation to one employee, who sarcastically said that “a lot of good that does you after the fact.”

In addition to spouting his views on global affairs, Adelson has declared war on the online gambling industry in the U.S. His coalition is attempting to stop the expansion of online poker and gambling and the 80-year-old has vowed to throw as much money at the effort as is needed in order to accomplish his goal.



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