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Dimitar Danchev Wins PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event

Bulgaria’s all time tournament money leader Dimitar Danchev conquered a field of 987 to claim the $1,859,000 first-place prize for the tenth annual PCA Main Event. The 26 year-old became the first Bulgarian to win a major tournament on the European Poker Tour. 

Danchev persevered through a grueling seven hour final table and defeated American poker professional Joel “JMProdigy” Micka in an intense heads up battle. The 8-man final table had a great mix of well known professionals and solid amateurs. American poker professional Jerry Wong entered the final table with a sizable chip advantage, while Danchev was short stacked in 8th position.

Portuguese engineer Joao Nogueira became the first casualty of the final table when he was forced to wager his ~13 big blind stack with Ad6c against the QQ of Micka. Nogueira qualified for the PCA Main Event through a PokerStars $1.10 satellite. His return on investment was the highest of the tournament, although certain professionals such as Shatilov bought tickets with VIP points. Canadian poker pro Yann Dion was the second person to exit after his Ah9c ran into Jonathan Roy’s AcKc. 

After these knockouts, Jerry Wong proceeded to take matters into his own hands by eliminating the next three players.

He eliminated Russian Andrey Shatilov and Canadian Owen Crowe in a three-way all in battle where Wong’s AdKc won unimproved. After a few hands, Jerry Wong battled Canadian pro Jonathan Roy in an aggressive preflop sequence. Wong opened the action to 200,000 from under the gun and ran into a 3-bet from Roy. Wong decided to answer with a 4-bet to 1 million chips and called off a 5-bet shove for 3.805 million. Although Roy had a slight edge with 7h7d, Wong spiked a Jack high flop to take the lead with AhJs.

Unfortunately, Jerry Wong could not overcome his remaining two opponents and exited in third place for $725,000. In his last hand, Wong bet-called for his stack with AdQd on a AhKc5h board against Micka’s 8h6h. The turn and river brought an 8s and a 6d to give Micka two-pair for the winning hand. 

During the heads up battle, Danchev won two major coin flip situations to take the lead and the eventual title at the PCA Main Event. In a crucial pot, Danchev’s 2c2h defeated Micka’s AdKs on a Queen high board. The Bulgarian finished off his opponent in another coin-flip pot while holding AdQh to claim the title of main event champion.

Overall, the tenth annual PokerStars Caribbean Adventure was a success and the main event attracted the elite of the global poker community. The tournament series saw four players earn purses exceeding $1 million and attracted players from all over the world. 

Final table results:

1 Dimitar Danchev $1,859,000
2 Joel Micka $1,190,000
3 Jerry Wong $725,000
4 Jonathan Roy $560,000
5 Owen Crowe $435,000
6 Andrey Shatilov $325,000
7 Yann Dion $230,000
8 Joao Nogueira $165,900

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