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DeepStacks Poker Tour Adds Malta Event

The DeepStacks Poker Tour (DSPT) has quietly been working to expand its reach and increase the number of events it holds every year.

It is work that continues to pay off for the DSPT as it has recently been announced that it has signed a three-year deal with Malta’s Dragonara Casino. The main aspect of the deal is that the casino will play host to a new international leg of the DSPT starting from November next year.

A number of poker tournaments are set to take place at the DSPT Malta, as is the case in all DSPT events. Among them will be a €2500 (around US $3400) High Roller event, as well as the €550 (around US $750) DSPT Malta Main Event.

DeepStacks Poker CEO Chris Torina expressed his delight at the announcement of the DSPT’s newest leg. Torina said that establishing the DSPT Malta was a major goal for the promotion and he was hopeful that it will end up being a success.

“As soon as we started looking at our 2014 international stops, I was focused on bringing DSPT to Malta,” he said. “Looking at their beautiful resort, their amazing history, their expansion plans and in dealing with their incredible staff, I was immediately drawn to Dragonara. I can’t be happier to partner DeepStacks with such a fine property.”

The DSPT Malta is the latest of a number of new international events to be announced by the promotion. In July, the DSPT announced that it would launch its first ever international events, the DeepStacks Barcelona Challenge, in the prominent Spanish city, as well as a DSPT event in Panama City, Panama.

The DSPT’s expansion to Malta further affirms its desires to be among the top tier poker events on the globe. While its decision to go global will help put it on par with other international poker tours, it will be interesting to see if the DSPT’s international events will be able to achieve the popularity of the more established global events.

There is certainly potential for the DSPT Malta to succeed from the get-go, given the fact that Malta is already a popular area in terms of poker and gaming. The Battle of Malta is among the biggest poker events held in the small southern European country with 888 entries at its last event in September. Not a bad effort considering it was its second event ever.

Such strong numbers should be welcomed by the DSPT should they be replicated in their inaugural event in the country next November. It may take some stellar marketing to get to that stage, but the events of this year have shown that DSPT has the vision and ambition to try and make it happen.

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