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Death of Johannes Strassman may be Drug-Related

German poker pro Johannes Strassman had reportedly ingested a mind-altering, hallucinogenic drug on the night he disappeared, which may have played a role in his death.

According to, Strassman and three Slovenians took “mushrooms” on June 21, a drug known for its propensity to stimulate and alter perceptions related to the senses. The drug’s hallucinogenic effects vary among users, a subjectivity that can cause both positive and negative experiences dependent upon a number of factors.

Toxicology reports revealed an illicit drug within Strassman’s system, while an eyewitness confirmed the 29-year-old and three cohorts ate the mushrooms. While one of the Slovenians was Strassman’s friend, the other two were not identified as such, with one allegedly known to deal drugs.

Reports indicate that the four were seated at a table in a pub when Strassman suddenly got up and left, leaving his cell phone on the table. The others attempted to track him down and eventually alerted the authorities when their efforts proved futile. A search that consisted of bloodhounds and helicopters ensued, to no avail.

Family and friends came to Slovenia to continue searching with the assistance of a private investigator. The search was apparently made more difficult by recent storms. A reward offer and social media were also employed in an effort to gather more information.

Those attempts at locating the poker pro were put to rest when his body was recovered more than a week after his disappearance on June 29. Strassman was found near the Ljublianica River in Ljubljana, an apparent victim of drowning.

Strassman’s poker resume included live tournament earnings in excess of $1.5 million. He was spoken of highly within the poker community and his death remains a tragedy that asks more questions than it provides answers despite the new information released by the German website.



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