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Day 1 of ANZPT Auckland Complete

All three starting flights of the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT) Auckland have now been completed and they finished with Amant Nauhria on top of the chip ladder.

Nauhria finished Day 1c with a stack of 107,200 to his name and was one of just two players to finish with six figure stacks. The other player who finished the day with six figures was Anesone Bragouits. With 106,600 chips, he is not too far behind Nauhria.

A total of 104 players made to the cut to Day 2 after 213 players entered the three starting flights. The last day, Day 1c, was by far the busiest as 103 players turned up for a chance at poker glory.

While Nauhria and Bragouits are the only players who will enter the second day of play with over 100,000 in chips, a number of players are not far behind. Xibo Zhou finished the starting flight with 98,000 to his name, while Eric Chang will go into Day 2 with 95,100 in chips.

Kani Edwards won a big hand in the later stages of Day 1c after he eliminated Dave Hockin from the event. It was a case of wrong hand, wrong time for Hockin as he moved all-in pre-flop with pocket Kings against Edwards’ pocket Aces. The Aces held on the board to chip Edwards up to 90,000, but he slipped down to a little over 64,000 by the end of the day.

Competition between the remaining players is set to heat up on Day 2 and beyond as there will only be payouts to the top 24 players in the event. That still leaves 80 players who will leave the event with nothing and every player will put on their ‘A’ game in an effort to make sure they aren’t on the wrong side of cashing.

The final table will likely be the main aspirations of the players in the event as the top nine places are guaranteed a cash prize of at least five figures. The first player knocked out of the final table stands to leave with NZ$10,650 (around US$8,800), while fifth place will be NZ$26,625 (around US$21,900) richer.

Along with the accolades that come with winning a major poker event, the winner of the ANZPT Auckland Main Event will be the only player to leave with six figures. They will earn NZ$110,760 (around US$91,000) for topping the field and taking out the event.

As always, PokerUpdate will keep its readers up to date with the results of the ANZPT Auckland Main Event as the tournament progresses in the coming days.

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