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David Olson Breaks the Limit and Claims his First WSOP Bracelet

There were numerous tournaments starting in Vegas last couple days, so the $10,000 Limit Hold’em Championship did not attract a great number of players. But the field of 122 contained many big names like Antonio Esfandiari, George Danzer, Jeff Shulman and Scott Seiver. This is all the more reason for David Olson to be happy that his very first gold bracelet would come after outlasting such a formidable field.

The final day started with only 10 players remaining and Olson was near the bottom of the chip counts to start the things. But things were going to turn around for the 27-year old from Detroit in the levels to come.  

Robert Como was the first player to leave and that same hand cause Gabriel Nassif most of his chips. Soon after, it was Nassif heading for the rail in 9th place. Greg Debora was still firmly holding the lead, while Olson was waiting his chance.

Brian Tate eliminated Jan Sjavik in 8th place, as short stacked Sjavik ran his #5c#4s into pocket Jacks of Tate. Tate himself was eliminated some hands later as he got all his chips in the middle before the flop with #ad#jh but could not outrun #as#kd of Samuel Golbuff.

Bill Chen, the only bracelet winner at the table was denied the shot at another bracelet, as Paul Mannoni eliminated him in sixth place. Hunter became the hunted some hands later as the last of Mannoni’s chips ended up in the stack of Samuel Golbuff. Mannoni got it in well, with middle pair against Golbuff’s flush draw, but club on the turn sealed his fate and sent him to the cage to claim his $75,470.

Following the patter, Samuel Golbuff found himself out of the tournament next. He surrendered the last of his chips to Mikai Tulchinskiy to finish in 4th place and claim slightly over $100,000. In the meantime, David Olson picked up some momentum and it was him leading the pack when the three handed phase began.

On the other hand, Greg Debora, who started the day as the chipleader, would go no further than the third place. Debora got involved in a big pot against Tulchinskiy with his pocket Sevens, but when the last of chips went in the middle on the flop, he got the bad news as Mikail held #ah#ad. Debora could not find help on either turn or river, and was eliminated, claiming $136,000 for his effort.

Heads up between Mikail Tulchinskiy and David Olson started the heads up battle and Olson held the lead. That lead would turn into victory some two hours later. There was some back and forth in chips between the two and Tulchinskiy made one comeback when it seemed all but over. After that he managed to get to even stacks at one point, but Olson turned things in his favor once again and set the stage for the finishing strike.

Tulchinskiy was all in preflop for his last 230,000 and turned over #kc#6c. He was up against #9h#9d of Olson and looking to improve to stay in contention. However, Olson flopped a set on the board of #9s#7h#5d, nearly locking the hand. Turn #qh confirmed him drawing dead, and after inconsequential #2s peeled on the river, Mikail was sent to the rail as the runner-up, banking $187,811.

David Olson claimed his first gold bracelet and $303,909 in cash for his efforts. Olson did not really have plans to play this tournament, as he is primarily cash player and was only here to play the Monster Stack, but the way things turned out, he is most certainly not sorry his friend made him change his mind! 

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