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David Lim Wins ANZPT Auckland

David Lim has taken out the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT) Auckland Main Event.

Lim was second on the chip ladder when the final table began. He did well in using his stellar play and big stack to get the top spot in the event. The Australian took home NZ$110,760 (around US$91,000) for his big win.

Twelve players remained when the third and last day got underway, although that quickly turned into the final table of nine. Dean Stevenson was the first player to be eliminated from the final table after David Lim’s Jacks held on the board against his Ace-King offsuit.

Ia Rimamaki was next to go after he went all-in pre-flop with Ace-Queen offsuit and was called by Nicholas Oger, who went one better with Ace-King offsuit. Seventh place went to Brad Stafford, whose pocket Nines were beaten by the pocket Queens of Paul Gahan to put the tournament down to six.

Stanislav Chataline had to settle for sixth spot in the Main Event after he was knocked out by event favourite Amant Nahuria. Chataline moved all-in after the turn with a pair of Sevens and an Ace kicker, but unfortunately for him, Nahuria hit a two pair on the turn and called.

Lim then claimed his second final table scalp after defeating Oger in an epic hand. The Frenchman went all-in with Ace-King offsuit while Lim had pocket Kings. An Ace on the flop put Oger in the lead and it looked like he would double up, but the King of Spades on the river gave Lim a set to knock him out of the event.

From there it was all Lim, who dominated the rest of play en route to winning the Main Event. He claimed his second straight scalp when he knocked Gahan out of the event in fourth place. It came when Gahan went all-in pre-flop with King-Queen offsuit and was called by Lim, who waited in the wings with pocket Tens, which held on the board.

Nahuria was the chip leader for most of this event and he was highly touted to go far and even win it. He went far, but Lim stopped him from winning the event after he eliminated Nahuria from the final table in third place.

It came when Nahuria went all-in pre-flop with Queen-Nine of Clubs and was called by Lim and his Ace-Jack of Clubs. No Queen or Nine came on the board and, just like that, Nahuria’s fall from grace was complete.

Nahuria’s elimination put Lim and Nathan Gubieski in heads-up play, with Lim holding a major chip lead when play began. Gubieski played well throughout most of the tournament, but Lim was on far too good of a roll at the final stage of the game.

On the last hand of the event, Lim raised pre-flop and Gubieski responded with a three-bet reraise, to which Lim responded with a four-bet. Gubieski, who had Ace-Ten offsuit, then went all-in and was called by Lim, who was ahead with pocket Queens.

Two Jacks and an Eight were shown on the flop, and the Six of Diamonds on the turn put Lim ever closer to ANZPT glory. That glory was confirmed when the Six of Clubs came on the river, which eliminated Gubieski and confirmed Lim as the winner of the ANZPT Auckland Main Event.

The cash prize was by far the largest Lim has earned from a live poker tournament. According to the Hendon Mob database, he previously won $2,463 in an event in New Zealand and $3,042 at a tourney in Perth.

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