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Daniel Negreanu Wins WSOP APAC Main Event!

Daniel was not able to stand over the top of the field at a WSOP event since 2008. Well, that wait is over for him, as he just conquered the poker world once again, winning the World Series of Poker – Asia Pacific Main Event along with his 5th Bracelet.

A total of 405 players paid a Buy-In of $10.000 to play in this event, which awarded Negreanu A$1.038.825 for his 1st Place finish. Daniel made himself the leader of the final table since hand 1, which, added to the good luck he had in a couple of spots, allowed him to crush the final table to start the Heads-Up match with a 10 to 1 chip advantage.

The Team PokerStars Pro started the day 2nd in chips behind Benjamin Spindler. However, a huge pot played by these 2 catapulted Daniel to the 1st spot, which he kept for the rest of the tournament.

A key hand came when there were four players left:

Negreanu raised to 130k (blinds at 30k/60k/10k) from Under The Gun and received a 3-bet from George Tsatsis to 290k. Daniel called, and the Flop came Qs Js Jd . Daniel check-called Tsatsis’ bet of 275k to see the 4d on the Turn. Daniel checked again, and after Tsatsis bet 510k, he moved All-In and received a call. Ah Qh for Daniel, which was way behin Tsatsis’ Jh 9h . However, the poker gods were with Daniel here, and a huge Qd appeared on the River, busting Tsatsis in 4th and boosting Daniel’s stack to 9 million chips, more than 70% of the chips in play.

During Heads-Up play, Daniel struggled in some spots: lost an all in preflop with Ad 8s against Qs Js and chopped Ah 8c against 8d 4s after the same preflop action. On the end, Daniel was lucky enough to win a huge flip with 2s 2h against As 7s to win the tournament.

Here we have the final positions of the Final Table:

1st Place: Daniel Negreanu – A$1.038.825
2nd Place: Daniel Marton – A$637.911
3rd Place: Winfred Yu – A$423.225
4th Place: George Tsatsis – A$284.715
5th Place: Kahle Burns – A$201.994
6th Place: Benjamin Spindler – A$146.205
7th Place: Mikel Habb – A$107.730
8th Place: Russell Thomas – A$82.721

Congratulations to Daniel on winning the first ever WSOP APAC Main Event!!

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