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Daniel Negreanu Deep Run True to his Word

Daniel Negreanu made a prediction after busting out of the EPT High Roller following an all-in shove made in a fit of anger over losing a ruling on the ‘first card off the deck’ rule.

“My plan is to re-enter the tournament at some point and make a deep run,” the Team PokerStars pro stated on Full Contact Poker.

Though not quite on par in the annals of sports with the mighty Babe Ruth calling his shot over the center field bleachers in the 1932 World Series against the Cubs at Wrigley Field, Negreanu did re-enter the tournament and finished in second place for a cool € 263,800. Quite an impressive showing for KidPoker, who managed to back up his tough talk with action.

However, not at all surprising to anyone is that Negreanu keeps talking about the unfairness of the first card rule implemented by the Tournament Directors Association (TDA). The Canadian pro has made a new promise via Twitter to continue ranting about the rule.

“Reading some very powerful arguments against the First card off the deck rule from well respected players/media,” Negreanu tweeted. “Will lay them out in a video.” We can expect a v-log from the five-time WSOP champ in due course.

One suggestion regarding changing rules made by pro Matt Glantz is to allow players in the Global Poker Index to have a say in the matter. “In the future TDA could & prob should put any proposed rule change up for a vote w the GPI 300 before making it ‘law,'” Glantz tweeted.

Let’s see if the TDA is listening.

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