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Daniel “mrGR33N13” Colman Wins The EPT10 Grand Final Super High Roller Marathon

Who says rebuying in the High Roller tournaments is bad for poker? Three months after Dan Shak launched a full-out attack over the structure and the unlimited re-entries of the Super High Rollers, Daniel Colman showed the poker world that rebuying can actually be a profitable move and can even lead to an unlikely win.

Besides his initial buy-in of €100,000, Coleman fired another two bullets on Day 1 of the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final Super High Roller for a total investment of €300,000. He wasn’t interested in finishing in eighth place as he would still have been in the hole for €59,000. Seventh place wasn’t that attractive either and would have brought Colman a tiny profit of just €7,000. So the American set a bold goal of surviving as long as possible. And he did just that as he played a marathon of almost 12 hours, securing the top spot and one of the most coveted trophies in the poker world.

Colman started the third and final day of the event fifth in chips after two Asian businessmen and high rollers in Lo Shing Fung (also known as Rono Lo) and Paul Phua, one online legend in Daniel “jungleman” Cates, and one red-hot 21-year old German and EPT Season 10 Player of the Year favorite in Ole Schemion.

The American was also closely guarded by another Asian player – Richard Yong, and another online legend – Olivier Busquet.

Russian Igor Kurganov was the shortstack with around 11 big blinds and despite his chip handicap, he decided to stick around. “I am confident my short stack will go on forever,” Kurganov said in his first all-in battle of the day, according to PokerStars Blog. He shoved all his chips with #qd#10d and was isolated by Phua who had #as#ks. The #2c#6d#4s flop didn’t bring anything new to the table but the #qc turn helped the Russian survive.

After chopping a pot with Schemion, Kurganov made another all-in move this time with #10h#10c. The red-hot German doubled Kurganov’s stack by calling with #as#kd and failing to improve.

On the 63rd hand, Kurganov took his game to the next level, slow-playing his trips and letting Rono Lo bluff all three streets. With that hand, the former shortstack became the big stack bully.

Six hands later and the first elimination was in the books. Busquet had to make a move with his tiny stack from the small blind and went all-in with #9s#8d. Cates and Kurganov called, and sensing his doom, the original Liv B asked Cates: “Do you have a full house?” He was right as he packed his things and went to the rail.

Schemion followed him soon afterwards going all-in preflop with #9c#9d. Colman called with #js#jh and won the hand.

The next elimination came after three more hours of grinding. Paul Phua put his stack at risk preflop with #8d#7d; Colman called with #ac#js and sealed the deal for Phua for a solid sixth place finish.

The two other Asian businessmen joined Phua in in the next half hour. The chip leader at the start of the day Rono Lo moved all-in on the button with #kh#9h losing to the #as#jh hand of Igor Kurganov. Also, Richard Yong finished fourth after trying to bluff Dan Colman out of the hand with only King high.

The remaining three played one hand before stopping the action for a fair and square prize pool chop negotiation. Eventually, they reached an agreement with all three of them having secured a seven-figure prize. But an additional €241,000 and €115,400 were left for the winner and the runner-up so play resumed.

After a further two and a half hours, the final table shrunk down to just two. Kurganov finished third calling Colman’s all-in with #ac#2c. Colman had #qs#8d and was in bad shape on the #ah#qh#10h flop. The #9c turn gave the American more outs and one of them hit on the river with the #8s.

The heads-up play started with Cates having a 1.6-to-1 chip advantage. But Colman had more experience and is considered one of the best heads-up SNG players in the world. Under his nickname of “mrGR33N13,” Colman won the World Championship of Online Poker Heads-Up High Roller for $172,500 last September.

In his live heads-up game against “jungleman,” “mrGR33N13” wore down his opponent by taking one pot after another until Cates had to make a move, a final move that finished the tournament. On the 202nd hand of the SHR, Cates shoved with #qd#10c and Colman called with #kh#6h for the slight advantage preflop. The #3c#9d#6d#3h#ah board secured for him both the trophy and the highest cash prize in his live poker career.

Here are the final payouts:

  1. Daniel Colman (USA) – €1,539,700
  2. Daniel Cates (USA) – €1,283,700
  3. Igor Kurganov (Russia) – €1,128,300
  4. Richard Yong (Hong Kong) – €637,600
  5. Lo Shing Fung (Macau) – €493,340
  6. Paul Phua (Malaysia) – €385,000
  7. Ole Schemion (Germany) – €307,000
  8. Olivier Busquet (USA) – €241,000

Congratulations to Daniel Colman on his impressive performance. With his latest SHR win, he now has almost $3 million in live tournament earnings, according to Hendon Mob Poker DB.

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