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Dan Shak Wins Drama-Filled PartyPoker Premier League VI

The Party Poker Premier League has always provided some memorable moments and a cast of the best players in the world. The sixth edition of the popular invitational tournament series was filled with some great poker and unexpected drama from top professionals. At the end, Dan Shak outlasted Sam Trickett to take the title and the $450,000 first place prize.

The eight-handed final table featured an all star cast that included Antonio Esfandiari, Jonathan Duhamel, Daniel “jungleman12” Cates, Tobias Reinkemeier, Jennifer Tilly, Dan Shak, Sam Tricket, and Talal Shakerchi.

The first five levels of the final table saw an intense battle, but the next few levels saw Shakerchi, Tilly, Cates, and Reinkemeier exit the tournament. Jonathan Duhamel, who played brilliantly in the early levels, was next to exit after holding a sizable chip lead with four players left.

Dan Shak ultimately took matters into his own hands by eliminating Esfandiari with his A2 vs. the Magician’s pocket nines. The champion also took a crucial pot in which he overbet the river for eight times the pot size and somehow extracted value for his flush from Trickett’s two pair. The heads up battle subsequently ended after this defining moment for Shak.

 The Party Poker Premier League VI also featured some drama filled moments in which players failed to control emotions. In one incident, Scott Siever criticized Daniel Cates for folding out of turn. Cates retaliated with a profanity laced comment and a brief tense filled moment ensued at the table. Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu eventually relieved the drama by politely asking Cates to be more cognizant of his pre-flop folding behavior.

Daniel Negreanu also became the center of some drama when he splashed his chips across the table after a devastating bad beat. The PokerStars pro caught Duhamel’s steal with 74s with a strong AQ. The flop brought both an Ace and Four to give Negreanu a strong advantage in the hand. Unfortunately, the river brought another Four and Kid Poker reacted by angrily pushing his chips over the table before an official count.

The most recent edition of the Party Poker Premier League saw great drama and some great action from the top professionals in the world. The next edition should bring similar action and memorable moments.


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