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What would it be like to have anything you want whenever you wanted it, without giving more than a moment’s thought? I guess it would be pretty awesome, but most likely I’ll never know that feeling. And, let’s face it, neither will most of the people reading this article – life only treats a select few that way. You can argue it is bad for a person to have it all and say that money corrupts people, but at the end of the day, they probably don’t really care. Dan Bilzerian is one such guy – a guy who just has it all and is not afraid to make a big noise about it. On the contrary, he enjoys letting the world know just how good he is doing.

Who is Dan Bilzerian?

To answer in short: a 32-years old multi-millionaire, who describes himself on Twitter as “an actor, an astronaut and I play poker sometimes.” When someone willingly uses the word asshole to describe himself, you can guess one of two things about him: he is either not right in his head or, which is clearly the case with Bilzerian, he just doesn’t give a damn about how the world perceives him and wants to project an image of a guy who knows that he is so rich and so awesome that people will admire him even if he is a self-proclaimed asshole.

Son of a prominent equity trader, Paul Bilzerian, Dan is not even close to being the richest guy out there. His net worth is estimated to be around $100 million, but you’d never guess that judging by his lifestyle. Before doing some research for this article, I myself believed that he was some sort of a billionaire. His father made $40 million by the time he was 36, but was indicted for tax and securities fraud in 1988. In 2001, he declared bankruptcy, claiming only $15,000 in assets and more than $140 million in debts.

Although his childhood was accompanied by FBI raids and ridicule and snide comments from his schoolmates, it did not stop Dan Bilzerian from getting where he is today. Of course, the trust fund that he had to his name probably had something to do with that.


People that don’t know me are going to judge me. I’m not going to run around and worry about what people think,” he said. “People that are friends might not know what’s up, but it doesn’t matter. Look, I have had some money given to me but I’ve made money and at the end of the day it’s nobody’s business but mine.”


Soon after getting to college, he started gambling compulsively. As he couldn’t touch any of his trust fund money, it did not take long before he went broke for the first time. After that, he had to sell his guns (more on guns coming later) to get him going again. He got $750 and managed to turn that into $10,000 by gambling on a boat in St. Petersburg.


‘I distinctly remember having to sell my guns – I loved my guns,’ he says. ‘I had to go broke to respect the money.’ Daily Mail


How exactly Dan Bilzerian perceives respect for money is a different story, but it is clear that this phrase means something very different coming from his mouth than what it would mean if it was uttered by the average person. Little surprise coming from a man who obviously lives life by his own rules.

This is how his life of extravagance started and he never looked back. Bilzerian spent most of his college time gambling in Vegas or the Bahamas. He cared for little else apart from gambling and partying like every day was his last day on this earth.

Guns, Girls, Parties, Super-Cars and – Poker

These few words describe the couple things Dan Bilzerian probably enjoys the most in his life. Of all those, guns are probably the most uncharacteristic, but this love was developed very early in his life, as his father gave him an M16 rifle that he returned with from the Vietnam War.


‘My dad didn’t hunt or anything and the only gun he knew was the machine gun he’d been issued in the Vietnam war. So he just figured, “I’ll give him an M16.”

‘I thought it was normal. I took some kids into school in my car and I was like “hey do you want to see my M16?” Daily Mail


Young Dan apparently liked his quite unique present a lot and started collecting guns. Today, in his own words, he owns more than 100 different guns, and he believes they can be stylish accessories, if state law permits it.

I got all sorts of guns. I got functional guns, I got guns for looks, I got hunting rifles, and everything in between.


Watches are another passion of his and he spends a lot of money on them. Bilzerian says that his cheapest watch costs like $40,000. But for a person so preoccupied with the image he projects, he seems to care very little about clothing. Although he owns some very expensive articles of clothing, like a $40,000 Tom Ford suit, he spends most of his time wearing very simple combinations like simple black T-shirts and camo cargo pants. Dan Bilzerian just loves to dress as a free man and doesn’t believe that clothing has much to do with achieving success with women.


Just be confident, successful, funny, whatever it is, girls aren’t necessarily attracted like guys are. Guys are attracted based on looks 95% of the time. Girls are almost the opposite. Looks are a smaller factor. They’re more attracted to a confident guy, or a successful guy, or someone who makes them laugh, or makes them feel comfortable.


I guess these words make sense when they come from a multi-millionaire seemingly without a care in the world. Bilzerian doesn’t need to dress up since his simple black shirt must look way better when it’s on the guy driving a supercar powered by racing fuel. And he’s got quite a few to go around, including Lamborghini Aventador’s Bentley Continental and his prize possession – a rare aluminum AC Cobra with the license plate “SUCK IT” to go along. He also has, surprise-surprise, his own private jet that takes him pretty much anywhere he wants to go.

But back to the topic of girls – Dan Bilzerian is certainly not lacking any in his life. He claims that his wealth doesn’t have much to do with his success with women – and without going into deeper discussion on the topic, let’s just take his word on that one. One thing is certain – he enjoys female company a lot.

Not surprisingly, he has no problems openly saying that he loves beautiful girls and doesn’t hold back at all on this topic.


But I’d take a chick who goes to the gym all the time and has a good body over a chick who covers it up well with good clothes. My feeling is, if they look good in a minimal amount of clothes, good.



Recently, Bilzerian has attracted a lot of attention from the poker community. Although he made his first attempts in poker back during his college days, it wasn’t really until 2013 that he garnered wider recognition. He was a Victory Poker pro player, but he doesn’t really see himself as a professional poker player.

For Bilzerian, poker is more like a favorite form of recreation, as he enjoys the adrenaline rushes that come with the game and with playing for hundreds of thousands. He admittedly doesn’t play with the pros, but instead plays in the private games with business guys and celebrities who are mostly playing for fun.

Despite claiming that he is not nearly the best player out there, Bilzerian still takes pride in what he has achieved in poker and thinks of himself as the Bill Gates of poker because of this.


Bilzerian claims to have won over $50 million playing poker, in cash games against mysterious one-percenters who make bets in units like “Ferraris” and “mansions.” None of these victories can be verified, of course—we have to take his word on it. And since when do we take poker players at their word?


Unconfirmed poker winnings have always been somewhat of a taboo in the community, as most players require graphs or similar evidence to back up these claims. Bilzerin obviously has nothing of the sort, but something tells me that he is not very concerned with whether everyone believes him.

Despite all of his (claimed?) poker success, when asked what part of his life would be the easiest to give up, poker seemed to be on the very top of the list without much deliberation.


That’s a no-brainer: poker. It’s the bane of my existence. When you win, you don’t care and when you lose, it’s depressing. I don’t play as much as I used to either. It’s hard. I’ve been playing such big games, so it’s hard to get the buy-ins together very often. Plus, once you go big, it’s hard to go back to the smaller buy-ins.


Another fact supporting the claim that he is in poker for adrenaline more than anything else these days is that he never plays tournaments. He finds them too slow and the fact that you cannot rebuy and play with a full stack whenever you feel like it just doesn’t do it for him. As for the cash games, Bilizerian claims that the highest he’s ever played was $10,000/25,000 No-Limit. It is impossible to verify if he really played in these games, but everyone who knows the first thing about poker also knows how insanely high that game would be.

The biggest poker forum on the web, Two Plus Two, has created a Dan Bilzerian Containment Thread (All things Bilzerian go here) for his fans and haters alike. The thread has more than a thousand comments and is very often frequented by those curious as to what he’s been up to lately.

Acting, Instagram and – Summary

Acting is another of Dan Bilzerian’s passions, although his acting career has never really sky-rocketed. He appeared in the “Olympus Has Fallen” and “Lone Survivor,” “The Other Woman” and “Equalizer.” His attempts on the big screen haven’t garnered huge amounts of success, but it is not hard to understand why he’d want to be up there.

Instagram, on the other hand, is a whole different story. The number of his followers on the photo-sharing network is several hundred thousand as he enjoys sharing all the details of his lavish lifestyle on the Internet. The images he shares are full of expensive cars, boats and gorgeous women – for many out there, he is living the dream, the life that everyone wants and only few can have.


I have a pretty crazy life, so when something happens, I’ll take a picture and post it. My Instagram is interesting because it gives people a look into my life. I only post things I find really interesting. The first site that ran it, BroBible, didn’t contact me. A lot of other sites then ran their version of the same story. I got like 25,000 new followers in three days on Instagram from it all.


So who is Dan Bilzerian really? Many see him as a rich playboy who enjoys the life of riches and the company of beautiful women, making the maximum out of life. Others hate him as they feel he rubs their noses into his success, while the origins of his wealth are questionable.

But if you try to put together a whole picture, and especially if what he says about his past is true, he is a guy with a very specific life philosophy. He loves to enjoy every minute of his time, but is it simply because of the money or is it more because of the way he is?

It is easy to look at someone with heaps of money and condemn them for who they are and what they do. No one is immune to envy and many of us, even if we wouldn’t admit it, want to have what he has (apart from two heart attacks before he was 32). But at the end of the day, he is living his life the way he wants and if it bothers someone it is easy enough to stay clear of all thing Bilzerian.

He is rich, he is pompous, he is Dan Bilzerian, and, whether we like it or not, he just doesn’t care.


I feel that if you don’t have people hating on your lifestyle then you’re not doing it that well. There’s always going to be people envious — it’s just the way it is. An ugly girl is going to hate on a pretty girl and a poor guy is going to hate on a rich guy. That’s just the way of the world.”


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