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Chris Moorman Tops $10 Million in Online Earnings

Chris “Moorman1” Moorman has finally passed the $10 million mark in career tournament earnings online, becoming the first player to do so. What makes this even more impressive is that he has won over $2.5 million more than the next closest player, according to PocketFives. This means that he has cashed for 33% more than anybody else online. Moorman has accomplished this feat despite not having a cash for more than $250k, which just shows the impressive amount of grinding that it took to get to that $10 million plateau. 

A look at some numbers:

–          $4.8 million in earnings on PokerStars

–          $3.4 million won at Full Tilt Poker

–          Largest Cash: $235,592

–          Number of Cashes: 5,956

–          Average Cash: $1,683

–          Cashes on 16 different sites

Those above numbers are almost impossible to truly put into context, because they are like nothing that online poker has seen before. The sheer volume needed to get those kind of results is impressive and is a testament to the work ethic that Moorman has put into everything he has done. If you compare him to other famous grinders such as Shaun “shuandeeb” Deeb, Mike “Timex” McDonald, Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen and David “bakes” Baker, they pale in comparison to Moorman. Deeb is the closest competitor to Moorman’s volume and has cashed nearly 3,000 times less. Moorman also boasts 15 triple crowns, an achievement established and tracked by PocketFives, that consists of winning 3 multi-table tournaments on 3 different sites during the same week with a prize pool of at least $10k and 100 runners minimum.  This is four times more than the next closest competitor, and six more than 3rd place.

The trials and tribulations of being a tournament grinder are something that also should be noted when analyzing Moorman’s accomplishment. When looking at profits on, it becomes kind of obvious quickly that Moorman1 has been breakeven since around the middle of 2011, which will come as a surprise to a lot of people. This isn’t to say he isn’t profitable though, as rakeback and bonuses are not included in winnings, which can be a pretty significant sum.

Moorman got his start playing when he lied to his parents about having a job one summer and was actually playing $0.25/$0.50 cash games for the entire summer during University. He moved up to $1/$2 by the end of the summer, but a $5k score in a tournament resonated with him more than anything else. He decided to take tournaments much more seriously, and as a result, neglected his school work. While he still graduated with a degree in Economics, it was clear that working an office job was not on the horizon for him. Moorman told his father that he was going to play poker professionally and his father agreed as long as he paid off his loans and came back in six months to evaluate where things were at that point. Obviously, things went very well for him and he is now one of the most decorated online tournament players in history and is the envy of many players both live and online.

Even in spite of being breakeven for the past two years, this accomplishment is something that should be celebrated extensively. Playing this many tournaments, showing this kind of dedication and not getting discouraged is a great achievement. Moorman also has $2.9 million in lifetime earnings playing live events. If you combine those two sums together you get an impressive figure of over $13 million, which puts him high on the all-time money list while having only one score of over $1 million, a 2nd place finish at the WSOPE in 2011. This differs than many of the players ahead of him on the all-time money list who typically have one massive score that helps boost them up in the rankings.

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