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Chris "Fox" Wallace Joins Ivey League

Chris “Fox” Wallace, a regular contributor at PokerUpdate and recent WSOP gold bracelet winner, has signed on as a coach at Ivey League.

The Ivey League, of course, is the coaching and training website put together by ten-time WSOP champ Phil Ivey. The coaches who sign on are hand-picked as among the best in the business, not only for their results on the felt, but also in their ability to pass along their knowledge to students of the game.

As a PokerUpdate writer, Wallace provides articles about poker strategy, U.S. legislation, and any topics that strike his fancy, giving a pro player’s perspective on many issues concerning both live and online poker. His writings can be found in the “Fox’s Den” here at PokerUpdate.

From card counter to WSOP champ

Wallace has amassed lifetime tournament earnings just shy of $800,000, the bulk of that coming from a victory at the 2014 WSOP in $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. His total cashes have surpassed five dozen and counting, stretching back to 2008.

A former blackjack card counter, “Fox” took up poker after being bounced from one too many casinos upon being spotted counting (and winning). His poker pursuits began at online cash tables and eventually expanded to include live tournaments.

Wallace has coached at a number of other poker training websites, and also provides personalized mentoring for those players ready to take their game to another level. In between playing and coaching, he found time to co-author a book with friend Adam Stemple entitled “No Limits: The Fundamentals of No-Limit Hold’em.”

The Fox’s role at Ivey League

At Ivey League, Wallace will focus on strategy at the beginner and intermediate levels. The “Fox” has been known to stress all facets of successful play that include mental and physical conditioning, as well as proper bankroll management.

I asked Chris a couple of questions pertaining to his new role as poker coach at Ivey League, a position that he finds both stimulating and challenging.

Q: You’ve been a poker coach for quite some time and the reps at Ivey league obviously noticed your skill and ability in teaching poker to others. What perhaps stands out in your coaching methods that you feel will be a valuable asset to the Ivey League?

“I have a ton of coaching experience, something that a lot of very good players really don’t have because they spend most of their time playing rather than teaching. I have been teaching and making poker videos for the last eight years and playing for a living for twelve years, which I think helps a lot. I have also run seminars, both live and online, and worked with individual students in person, and I hope I can use those skills at Ivey League in the near future too.”

Q: Ivey Poker recently took their free-play game offline until next year and seemingly reshuffled the deck with regard to the Ivey League coaches. Any thoughts on the direction the training site is headed?

“I’m not familiar with what is going on with the app other than that it is a reboot and will come back better than before. I think they are looking for more hands-on coaches and more videos, which is why they hired me. I can generate lots of content and am very comfortable teaching the basics, which is something they want to focus on. My first video series is on the basics of PLO, something they needed to have, but not something you can really ask Patrik Antonius to do. The huge names can handle the advanced stuff, and I’m happy to make more basic stuff that gives people a good foundation.”

Keep your eyes open for upcoming articles here at PokerUpdate from the Ivey League’s newest coach, Chris “Fox” Wallace.



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Charles Rettmuller

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