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Carter Gill Wins LAPT Uruguay

The LAPT Uruguay Main Event has come to a close and Carter Gill is the one who has taken it out along with the $218,192 cash prize.

Gill topped a field of 508 entrants in the four-day event and held a dominant chip lead when the final day of play got underway.

Eight players made it to the last day of the event, but it soon went down to seven when Walid Mubarak was eliminated. Mubarak went all-in with King-Queen offsuit and was called by Ivan Raich and his pocket Nines. The pair held on the board.

The eventual winner then claimed his first scalp of the final table after he knocked Joao Bauer out in seventh place. Bauer went all-in pre-flop with Ace-Nine offsuit, to which Gill called with Ace-King offsuit. Gill’s big slick remained ahead on the flop and the turn, and the King of Hearts on the river put an exclamation mark on the hand.

Gill struck again just minutes later when he eliminated Cesar Sanguinetti from the event in sixth place. Like Bauer, Sanguinetti also went all-in pre-flop with Ace-Nine, but his was suited (Clubs). He was called by Gill, who was behind with Jack-Four of Diamonds. Amazingly though, the Jack of Spades came on the river, which gave Gill the hand and put the tournament down to five.

Next to go was Juan Perez Solari, who was eliminated in fifth spot by Andre Korn. It came when Solari went all-in with pocket Queens, which were initially good against Korn’s pocket Tens. However, another Ten came on the flop and gave Korn a set and, ultimately, the hand.

The win did not help Korn very much, however, as he was the next player eliminated from the event. Korn went all-in pre-flop with Ace-King offsuit and was eventually called by Raich, who had pocket Eights. The Eights held on the board and Korn was knocked out of the event in fourth place.

Third place went to Ariel Mantel, who was Gill’s third scalp of the final table. Mantel went all-in pre-flop with Queen-Ten of Clubs and was snap-called by the eventual winner, who held Ace-King of Spades. Big slick remained the dominant hand on the board after the river was revealed.

Mantel’s elimination from the event put Gill and Raich in heads-up play, with Gill holding the chip lead when play began. That changed soon enough, however, after Raich won a number of huge hands to give himself the larger stack.

Gill was nowhere near done though, and he made a number of stellar plays to boost his stack until he reclaimed the chip lead. A great run by the American helped put him in a position to take out the event once and for all.

In the last hand of play, both players raised and reraised before the flop, after the flop, and on the turn. Gill went for the kill after the river was shown, instantly moving all-in, to which Raich spent a considerabl amount of time pondering what his move should be.

Raich eventually decided to call and it would be at his peril as he turned over Seven-Eight offsuit for a straight. It was a good hand, but not enough as Gill showed Queen-Six of Clubs for a flush, which won him the hand and the LAPT Uruguay Main Event.

The win is one of the biggest in Gill’s live poker tournament career. He also won $228,898 in a $2,000 No Limit event at the 2008 WSOP, which was one of eight WSOP cashes for Gill.  

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