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Caio Hey Wins the Biggest Ever LAPT Stop in Brazil

Moments ago, the Main Event of the biggest stop in the history of LAPT concluded. The proud winner, who gets to take home the trophy and the reward of R$ 680,000, is Brazilian Caio Hey. Hey was overwhelmed with emotion after the last hand was dealt and it was the runner-up himself, Victor Sbrissa, who shared his feelings.

The day started with eight players taking their seats with Sbrissa coming in with a decisive chip lead. Sbrissa was looking to capture a second title in his home town, but it wasn’t to be this time despite the huge pile of chips he had in front of him.

First to leave the final table was Gustavo Vascao, whose pocket Deuces proved no match for the pocket Treys of Joaquin Ruiz. The early exit was good for R$ 75,530. The pot gave Ruiz a temporary chip lead, but that honor was soon reclaimed by Vascao after he eliminated one of two remaining Argentinians, Juan Pablo Franco. Franco will leave Brazil with R$ 105,000 in his pocket.

The day was not going all that well for Andre Cuco, who lost a lot of his chips earlier and now moved in with #qh#jc. Sbrissa made the call with #ad#8s and hit an ace on the flop to catch a decisive lead. Cuco received R$140,000 for his 6th place finish.

The tournament structure was quite fast and with five players remaining, everyone was short or right there on the margin. Next to fall was Angel Guillen, who was all too happy to call off his stack with pocket Queens. It was a good call, naturally, as Hey turned over pocket Fives, but fate favored Hey as he managed to river a straight to send Guillen to the rail, R$ 190,000 richer.

Alex Sako, who proved to be a true survivor at the final table, finally ran out of extra lives. His #js#10c couldn’t outrun Sbrissa’s #As#7h and it was his time to visit the rail, with the guarantee of a R$ 250,000 payday.

The remaining three players then stopped the clock to negotiate the numbers. They came to an agreement that awarded Hey R$ 520,000, Sbrissa got R$ 510,000, while Ruiz secured R$ 410,000. The remaining R$ 160,000 was left in play for the winner to take. After play resumed, the three-handed game lasted for some time, until eventually the last non-Brazilian player, Argentinean Joaquin Ruiz, got involved in a big hand against Sbrissa. Sbrissa shoved from the small blind holding #jh#8s and Ruiz made the call with #kh#7h. The board came down #kc#8c#9h and things were looking bad for Sbrissa. However, the turn brought another eight, #8d, and when the board completed with #9s, Ruiz was left very short and was eliminated only two hands later.

The heads-up match was set between Hey and Sbrissa and it lasted a whole five minutes. Sbrissa moved all in from the small blind with #6h#6s and Hey made the call with #kd#9c. Hey had Victor covered and when the flop came #kc#jd#7d, things started looking bleak for Sbrissa. The turn was no better, as it was #9d, leaving him only one out to catch. The river bricked in the form of #4d, actually giving Hey a flush and it was game over.

Hey won the title of the biggest LAPT in the history of the tour and banked R$ 680,000 in total, while Sbrissa just missed his second title in Brazil, but still walked away with a decent consolation prize of R$ 510,000!

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