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Brunson Eliminated From WSOP Main Event

In what may the final time we see him on the poker felt, 79-year-old poker legend Doyle Brunson has been eliminated from the 44th annual WSOP Main Event.

It came on the early stages on Day 4 of the event, when Brunson, who had been doing reasonably well for most of the tournament, came off on the wrong end of a showdown. With King Ten off suit, the man known as Texas Dolly made a pre flop raise of 86,000, which Sergei Stazhkov responded to by reraising all in with Pocket Tens, which was called by Brunson. The Russian’s Tens held on the board and Brunson was eliminated from the event in 409th place, which was still god for a cash prize of over $28 thousand.

While he did not place extremely high in the event, Brunson certainly had a strong showing, and he received two well-deserved ovations from the entire room as he made his exit from what very well may be his final WSOP Main Event.  

If this is indeed Brunson’s last year at the WSOP, it would cap off a stellar career for one of the pioneers of the game that is poker. He was one of seven participants in the first WSOP Main Event as a 36-year-old back in 1970. Six years later, he won his first ever Main Event which was followed by a second straight win the year after. He has a total of 35 WSOP in the money finishes, which have contributed to total WSOP earnings of just under $3 million. Brunson has over $6 million in total live poker tournament earnings.

Jon Lane ended Day 4 as the Main Event’s chip leader, with a stack of 2,839,000 chips to his name.  

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