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Brawlas Gonna Brawl: The Foxwoods Fight

A massive brawl—one hundred deep, according to reports—broke out at Foxwoods last Sunday.

The fight started around 2:30am inside the Shrine nightclub at the MGM Grand, but spilled into the lobby of the hotel, according to police. Due to its size, the casino was forced to seek backup from local and state authorities.

Two men (Wakyne Sebastian of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Reservation, and Macharia Johnson of Everett, Massachusetts) were arrested. Due in court in December, both were charged with breach of peace and interfering with police.

According to reports, Johnson was involved in a separate incident involving a knife. More arrests are pending, police said.

PokerUpdate’s Wootae Min, a Foxwoods regular, was at the MGM Grand during the Sunday morning melee.

“The size of the fight has been exaggerated by police reports and the press. Fifty-to-sixty people is a better estimation, though it seemed like twice that for sure. The casino was total chaos,” he said.

There also seems to be confusion over where the brawl began.

“Most reports I’ve seen say it broke out in the nightclub, though started between the lobby and casino floor. Peopling were either rushing towards or away from the fight. I’ve never seen it get that wild before.

When contacted, Shrine said the nightclub was closed half an hour before police responded and confirmed that the fight started beyond the club lobby, though refused to provide further comment.

“The biggest mystery, though, is still why the fight started. Few people seem to know, and the casino is trying to brush off the incident. They refuse to say much, while police reports—at least in public—have either been vague or inaccurate, at least in parts.

“Hiding beneath the roulette tables, watching the brawl unfold, is something I’ll never forget though.”

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