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Bodog Cancels APS Grand Final

Bodog Poker has announced that they are cancelling the first Anonymous Poker Series Grand Final that was scheduled to take place this January in the Philippines, though no official event date had been released yet.  Bodog officials cited extreme weather conditions combined with increased difficulty of movement in the region as being the linchpins for the decision.  All players who had won a seat already or had a satellite ticket will be reimbursed for the value of that ticket as cash credited to their account.

The move is a disappointment for Bodog as they were looking to cap off their first season of the APS series with a big Grand Final that had a $45k prize for first place.  Recent flooding throughout the country could have resulted in a less than desirable situation for players if the tournament went ahead as planned.

This isn’t the first time that weather events have caused a problem with poker tournaments. A few years ago, the EPT had an issue with one of its tournaments when a volcano in Iceland was erupting and causing major problems with traveling to the EPT San Remo and EPT Grand Final.

Pokerstars and the EPT decided to not cancel those tournaments at the time and the tourneys went well, but Bodog made the decision that it wasn’t in their best interest to run this tournament.  This decision should be something that players look at in a positive light, because Bodog is more interested with running a tournament that people can enjoy, as opposed to just making money.  It’s a tough decision for any poker room to make, but it was most likely the best choice.

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Andrew Schupick