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Big Win in the Little One for One Drop for Igor Dubinskyy

Last night, the World Series of Poker awarded its last title for the summer. The Main Event, which is now in Day 1C, will not be crowning a winner before November. That means that the bracelet-fest is officially over. Just one more reason for Igor Dubinskyy to celebrate his victory over a big field for a huge payday.

Although the tournament was named the Little One for One Drop, the turnout was anything but little. Just shy of 4,500 players gathered to play and they battled for three full days before the final table was set. The sum of $111 from every buy-in went toward the One Drop Foundation, the charity of Guy Laliberte that aims to provide access to clean water for everyone. Nearly $500,000 was gathered to help this worthy cause.

The final nine players came back to battle on Day 4, led by Jackduyph Duong and Eric Baldwin. Dubinskyy was the second shortest stack of the players remaining and the future did not look so bright for him. However, he didn’t give up and was able to double up soon after the start of play. Bao Nguyen, who started as the shortest stack, could not do the same and was the first casualty of the final table, taking home $52,400.

Vimy Ha was the eight place finisher. He was eliminated after getting it in on the flop against two opponents with draws. But Brandon Eisen caught a bigger pair on the river, sending Ha to the rail $68,000 richer. Eisen continued his strong run as he knocked out another player. This time it was Matthew Lapossie who lost a flip with pocket Fours against Eisen’s #ad#7d. Lapossie earned $89,000 for his efforts.

Dubinskyy added to his stack after eliminating Duong in sixth place. Duong failed to win a coin flip with his #as#jc against Dubinskyy’s pocket Fours and was sent to the rail banking $117,507. Then Eisen took over once again and this time his victim was Baldwin, who moved his chips in the middle with pocket Deuces. Baldwin was crushed by the pocket Queens of Eisen and headed for the exit, pocketing $156,352.

Shai Zurr also fell to the play of Eisen. He moved his chips in the middle from the small blind with #10c#7c but was quickly called by Eisen and his #ac#jd. The best hand held up and Zurr was eliminated, earning $209,805 in the process.

Although it seemed that nothing could stop Eisen, his run came to an end in third place. The hand that saw him out the door was one of the sickest we have witnessed in a long time, considering the amount of money on the line.

The board read #jd#3d#qd#9s. Theodore Driscoll bet out for 550,000 and Eisen moved all in. Driscoll tanked for quite a while, but eventually decided to make the call with #kd#2h. Eisen was somewhat shell-shocked to see his #ad#7c was the best hand after hearing the call and he only needed to fade a couple outs to double up in a huge pot. However, it clearly wasn’t meant to be when the dealer found one of the few cards needed to send Eisen to the rail in the form of #2s on the river. Eisen was clearly disappointed, but had to be satisfied with $283,895 in third place prize money.

With that elimination, Driscoll and Dubinskyy began their heads-up battle. Dubinskyy had quite a lead in chips and never let go of it. He kept grinding his opponent down until the final hand took place.

All of Driscoll’s chips went in the middle on the river with the board reading #4h#3c#3h#kd#7c. He was convinced his #js#3d was ahead. However, Dubinskyy’s #5h#6h caught lightning on the river, completing his straight and sending Driscoll out in second place with a $394,281 consolation prize.

Ukrainian Igor Dubinskyy has thus claimed the last bracelet of the summer, coupled with $637,539 first place prize money. It marked only the second WSOP cash for Dubinskyy, as most of his cashes have been recorded in Europe. Winning a bracelet is always special for players, but Dubinskyy was particularly satisfied to have done so in a charitable event.

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