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Beauprez Latest WSOP Gold Bracelet Winner

John Beauprez has won the WSOP $1,500 No Limit Hold’em Six Handed Event, beating a field of 1,069 players to win his first ever WSOP Gold Bracelet.

Beauprez was second on the chip ladder with 1,233,000 when the final table began, but that was all just a matter of statistics. He was just 1,000 chips below the chip leader, Mike Mustafa, which set the stage for an entertaining last phase of the tournament.

Beauprez quickly took the chip lead after knocking out Kevin Stammen in sixth place. Stammen went all in pre flop after reraising Beauprez, who called and showed Pocket Aces while Stammen had Pocket Twos. No Two came on the board and Stammen was out, while Beauprez’s stack was boosted to around 1.6 million.

Former chip leader Mike Mustafa was the next to go after Eric Blair knocked him out in fifth place. It came after a number of showdowns between the two, which were all won by Blair. Mustafa, now short stacked, attempted to get one up after moving all in, but Blair’s Pocket Sevens won him the hand and Mustafa was sent packing.

2009 WSOP Main Event Winner Joe Cada was eliminated in fourth place after his Ace Seven was outkicked by Manig Loeser. Loeser’s Ace Nine of Diamonds hit a nut flush on the flop to end Cada’s chances in the event.

Next to go was Eric Blair, who was eliminated in third place by Beauprez to put the event in heads-up play. After a pre flop raise and reraise, a flop of Jack of Spades, Nine of Clubs and Three of Clubs was shown, giving both players top pair, with Beauprez’s Ace being the superior kicker to Blair’s Eight.

Blair moved all in after Beauprez made a bet after the flop. This was promptly called by the eventual winner and Blair was eliminated from the event after the King of Spades on the turn and the Four of Diamonds on the river did not give him the hand he needed.

The elimination meant that Beauprez and Loeser were now in heads-up play. Beauprez held a small chip lead against Loeser, but that constantly changed hands. Momentum swang Beauprez’s way just before the final hand, however, after he won a little over half a million chips with a flush on the river, putting his stack to over three million.

After a series of raises and reraises in the final hand of the tournament, Loeser went all in which was called by Beauprez and a showdown was underway. Beauprez, who had Ace Eight of Hearts was outkicked by Loeser, who had Ace King off suit, but the Eight of Spades on the flop put him in the lead.

The Five of Diamonds on the turn and the Four of Hearts on the river did not give Loeser the break he needed and he was eliminated in second spot. Loeser won $200,698 for his efforts in the tournament, but the spot went to Beauprez who won $324,764.

The cash prize was Beauprez’s biggest win in his poker career so far, with his previous biggest win being $128,384 which he won at last year’s WSOP Main Event.

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