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APPT Macau Day 2: Bubble Bursts, 51 Keeping the Dream Alive

When Day 2 of the APPT Macau Main Event was about to start yesterday, there were 206 hopeful players clinging to their seats and their stacks. By the time the tournament director announced the last hand of the day, 145 of those players were sent to the rail with their dreams put on hold for future tournaments.

With the number of players coming back yesterday, it wasn’t certain if the tournament would reach the bubble phase, as only 60 players were going to make the money. But just as the tournament was reaching its final moments of the evening with the last level underway, it was down to 67. On some other occasions, the task of eliminating the last seven players would take a while, but it was not the case this time in Macau.

Play was fast and furious and just like that, players were in the money with about half an hour left on the clock. There would usually be a hand-for-hand phase when they were down to 61, but players apparently decided there was no need to prolong the inevitable and before the hand-for-hand could start, the bubble burst. Due to this, it was a bit of a task to figure out the bubble boy, but they found him eventually and it was decided the honor would belong to Frangky Tegoeh from Indonesia.

Then another nine eliminations took place to bring the final number of survivors to 51. Emerging from the chaos with his head held high was Poland’s own Daniel Demicki with a stack of 585,000. He is followed closely by Jiajun Liu with 577,000, while Hao Tian in third bagged 481,500.

Team PokerStars Pro players failed to do much yesterday. The first one to leave the stage was Bryan Huang after running his pocket Kings into pocket Aces. Soon to follow was Celina Lin, whose pocket Tens were miles behind her opponent’s trip Queens. And Raymond Wu fell as well after not being able to improve in a coin flip situation. None of them managed to make the money.

Among those who had a better day, we must mention JJ Liu, one of the most prominent female players with $2.7 million in tournament winnings to her name. Despite starting the day with a very short stack, she grinded away and in the end managed to bag 89,000. Another lady returning today is Emi Hibuse with 90,500, while Kitty Kuo didn’t make it through.

Other players who will be battling for their seat at the final table today include Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros, Peter Chan, Linh Tran and Saliesh Verma, to mention a few. All these players have taken their seats at the tables and the race for the final table seats is well under way. We will soon know the names of the finalists who will return tomorrow for the epilogue of the APPT8 Macau Main Event, all looking to claim the first place prize of about $320,000.

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