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Ante Up for the Bracelet: Jesse McEuen Wins WSOP Event #47

And now for something completely different.  Ante Only Event of 2014 World Series got really good “reviews” from the players, as everyone seemed to be enjoying their time at the tables. Total of 714 players took their seats and for three days they were anteing it up, until eventually all the antes ended up in the stack of Jesse McEuen.

Players were trying to find their way through the structure they were unaccustomed to with small bring ins and big antes, causing many pots to go multi way. And although it was a different tournament in many aspects, it came to the same finale – last nine players sitting at the final table, looking to capture the bracelet.

Bulgarian Simeon Naydenov was the only player at the final table with a WSOP bracelet to his name, couple others had previous final table experience, including McEuen who finished third last year in a $1,000 event, coming ever so close to capturing a bracelet of his own.

First to go was Arthur Pro, who fell to Rhys Jones. Following him in eighth place was Jeremy Jospeh, and then Herbert Yarbrough met his doom as well, as he finished in 7th. Ryan D’Angelo got his stack in the middle against Naydenov and his #jc#10c could not outrun Naydenov’s #ad#kh, and it was down to five players.

At this point, it was Naydenov and German Jonas Lacuk in the chip lead, while the others were looking to catch up. First victim of that chase was Adam Levy who got his chips in well, with top two against flush draw of Jones, but Jones caught up on the turn and sent Levy to the rail with a consolation prize of $46,500.

Although Simeon Naydenov held a big stack at one point, his luck started to run out and he was all out of it when he ran his #as#qh into #ac#ks of Rhys Jones and the board failed to provide any help. The fourth place finish was good for $62,500.

Three handed phase lasted for a while before Jones got unlucky for his last 175,000 against McEuen. Despite having #as#9h to McEuen’s #10h#8h, Jones couldn’t hold as McEuen flopped bottom two pair to send him to the rail with $85,000 to his name.

Despite his last elimination, McEuen still started a heads-up as about 3:2 underdog to Jonas Lauck and had some work to do if he was going to win this one. That was exactly what he did over the next twenty hands, taking over the chip lead and putting himself in the spot to win the tournament.

In the hand to determine the winner, Lauck opened his button, faced a three-bet from McEuen and decided to shove his #ah#10d. Lauck probably expected to receive bad news when McEuen made the quick call, but on this occasion it couldn’t get any worse, as his opponent was holding #ad#ac.

Board ran #2c#h#2s #3s #5h, never really giving much hope to Lauck, and German finished his performance in second place, banking just couple bucks shy of $131,000. Jessey McEuen, however, will take home $212,000 and a gold WSOP bracelet that slipped from under his fingers a year ago. By defeating Lauck, McEuen has also denied Germany its fifth bracelet for this Series, at least for the time being. 

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