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Amateur Poker Player Hits Major Jackpot in Party Casino

Poker is considered a unique form of gambling because of its skill based nature and the lack of a structured house edge. Although poker players venture to beat games like the blackjack or craps, slot machines have been generally frowned upon as a predominantly luck based game. Nevertheless, online poker players are forced to view an icon for the supposedly negative expected value realm of online casinos in their respective clients. Most players seem to ignore the casino as they fire up tables, but some curious souls venture into the realm of interactive online slots.

One amateur poker player happened to be curious over the weekend and it surely paid off for him.  

A 46-year old Canadian poker player ventured into the Party casino and decided to try his luck at a slot game called Melon Madness. The player was attempting to qualify for the Montreal World Poker Event on Party Poker when the sight of the jackpot caught his eye. He had $21 left on his account after registering for the satellite tournament and decided to see if he could win some money to purchase another tournament entry. After wagering a mere $3 on a five-reel, thirty slot line, the poker player hit a record breaking jackpot of $7,525,851.

According to Reuters, the stunned lucky winner stated, “Two years ago, I left my job after 23 years and decided to try my hand at poker…I thought to myself, wow, it took me 2 years to realize that I’m a mediocre poker player and only 2 or 3 spins to realize that I’m really, really good at slots!”

The $7.5 million jackpot has been recorded as the biggest one in PartyCasino history and smashed the previous record of $4,978,336 set in December 2009. In perspective, the total winnings would be greater than any prize won in the WSOP with the exception of the Main Event winner and the One Drop high roller event. Furthermore, the total jackpot would be higher than the total tournament earnings for some of the best professional poker players in the world. Although these tournament accomplishments cannot be compared to one single lucky spin, the 46-year old amateur has certainly proven that it is better to be lucky than be good.



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