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Aldergott the Super High Roller at EPT Monaco

He was an outsider going into the EPT Monaco Super High Roller final table let alone the event itself, but Max Altergott proved that didn’t matter as he won the event in Monte Carlo last night.

It is the first ever recorded live tournament cash win for the Austrian-based German, who is better known for playing high stakes cash games. He’s now shown that no matter the style of poker game, he can dominate as long as there’s big money on the line.

All eyes were on American Jason Mercier going into the final table as he held a commanding chip lead over the other players at the start of the day. However, Mercier was unable to continue the fine run he had going in the previous days of the tournament, with his chip lead gradually diminishing as Altergott and Canadian Sorel Mizzi increased their stacks.

Mizzi was knocked out by Aldergott after the German hit a full house with his Pocket Jacks, beating Mizzi’s King Queen. It was not a hugely sad ending for Mizzi, however, as he still took home a respectable €679,100 (around US$878,000) for three days of solid poker play.

This left Aldergott and Mercier to battle it out for first and second place. While Aldergott had the chip lead going into heads-up play, Mercier was able to retake it after the first few hands and it looked like Mercier found his rhythm once again.

Aldergott, on the other hand, had other ideas and effectively crushed all hopes of a Mercier comeback after winning a huge hand against the American.

The German, who had Pocket Queens, raised to one million preflop after a series of back and forth raises. Mercier called with King Seven of Diamonds and a flop of Jack of Diamonds, Eight of Spades and Seven of Hearts was shown. Mercier called Altergott’s post-flop bet of 700,000 and the turn brought the Four of Diamonds.

Mercier checked, which prompted Altergott to bet a further 1.2 million into the ever growing pot. The two-time WSOP Gold Bracelet winner would not be deterred, responding to the bet by moving all-in, a move that was eventually called by Aldergott. While the German’s Queens were ahead at that point, Mercier had 14 outs that could have won him the event.

The Two of Clubs came on the river, which meant Aldergott’s Queens stood and Mercier was now severely short stacked. After shoving a short time later with a Ten Six of Diamonds, Mercier was knocked out of the tournament after Aldergott’s Jack Nine hit a straight on the river.

Aldergott won €1,746,400 (around US$$2,259,100) for his stellar play in the Super High Roller event. Mercier, on the other hand, won €1,115,700 (around US$$1,443,000), a great ending to his time at the EPT Monaco after winning the €2,000 open-face Chinese poker re-entry event and finishing seventh in the Main Event.

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