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Adrian Mateos Wins WSOPE Main Event

Adrian Mateos showed poker fans and players around the word that age is no barrier when it comes to excelling at the game.

The 19-year-old is on cloud nine after he took out the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Europe Main Event yesterday, which made him one of the youngest ever WSOP gold bracelet winners to date.

He was highly touted to win the event when the final day began as he held a major chip lead when play got underway. Along with the highly-coveted gold bracelet, Mateos also won a whopping €1 million (around US $1.44 million) for his efforts.

It was a huge win for the young Spaniard, who was almost lost for words when explaining his thoughts on the victory and what it meant for him and his budding poker career.

“I feel amazing. It is incredible,” he told “”You will see me more.”

The final day of the Main Event started with six remaining players of the original 375-player field. Benny Spindler was the first of the final six to be eliminated after he was beaten by the eventual winner in his final hand of the tournament. It came as he played pocket Queens to Mateos’ King-Ten offsuit, to which a King came on the river and gave Mateos the higher pair.

Mateos then claimed his second straight scalp of the final day after he eliminated Ravi Raghavan from the event. Raghavan went all-in after hitting a royal flush draw on the flop. The flop was also good to Mateos, as he held two pair, which prompted him to call the all-in. Unfortunately for Raghavan, no spade came on the turn or the river and he was sent packing from the tournament in fifth place.

Jerome Huge was the next player to go, getting knocked out in fourth place by Fabrice Soulier. Huge, who had bottom pair, attempted to bluff as he went all-in after the river. He nearly fooled Soulier, as the Frenchman hesitated for a while and thought about what his move should be.

Soulier ended up calling, which turned out to be the right move. He won the hand with two pair and eliminated Huge from the Main Event.

Third place went to WSOP gold bracelet holder Dominik Nitsche, as he also fell victim to Mateos’ stellar poker-playing ways. Nitsche, who was short-stacked by this time, went all-in pre-flop with Eight-Nine offsuit and was called by Mateos, who was ahead with Ace-Seven offsuit. Mateos would stay ahead after neither player caught a hand on the board, which resulted in Nitsche being eliminated, albeit with an extra €400,000 to his name.

Nitsche’s elimination left Mateos and Soulier in heads-up play, with Mateos having a colossal seven million chip lead when play began.

The Frenchman was well and truly in it to win it, however, and he took the chip lead from Mateos around two hours into heads-up play. Despite the early setback, it wasn’t long before Mateos was back in the lead after he won a few big hands to boost his chip stack once again.

Soulier battled hard but it was all in vain as Mateos eventually took him out to win the event. In the final hand of the Main Event, the Frenchman went all-in with Eight-Nine of diamonds after the flop after he hit a Nine. Mateos, on the other hand, had Ace-King offsuit and decided to call after a few minutes of thinking.

It turned out to be a good move for the Spaniard as the King of spades came on the turn, which gave him the higher pair. The Five of diamonds on the river did nothing for either player and Mateos was crowned the winner of the 2013 WSOPE Main Event.

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