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ACOP Main Event Down to Heads-Up Play

The Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) Main Event is down to its final two players, who are set to do battle tonight on the last day of the festival in Macau.

Sunny Jung and Devan Tang are the two players who made it to heads-up play after a stellar showing at the Main Event by both players. In what looks to be an unpredictable finish, Jung will enter the final day with a narrow lead holding a chip stack of 3,213,000, while Tang will come in with 2,877,000 chips.

An end to the Main Event was expected last night, but players at the final table did not want to give up easily, which led the day to drag on until a stop was called just after 3:00am. Despite that, the first final table casualty came fairly early in the day, with Thai player Chane Kampanatsanyakorn being knocked out in ninth place by Yat Wai Cheng.

Chenxiang Miao was the next player to go after he was eliminated by Alvan Zheng in eighth place. Randy Lew followed Miao soon after when his pocket Sevens ran into the pocket Nines of Jonathan Depa. Lew hit an inside straight draw on the flop, but Depa hit a set, which improved to a full house on the turn, effectively ending Lew’s chances of an ACOP Main Event victory.

The chip up did not help Depa very much, however, as he would be the next player to be eliminated from the event. Depa went all-in with Ace-King offsuit and was called by Tang, who had pocket Jacks, one of them being a club. The flop was good to Depa, with a King being one of the cards shown, but the entire board showed four clubs, which gave Tang a flush.

Tang then claimed his second straight scalp after knocking Japanese pro Yoshitaka Okawa out in fifth. Okawa, who was by then short-stacked, went all-in with Ace-Four offsuit and was called by Tang and his pocket Tens. The Tens held on the board and Okawa was eliminated to put the event down to four-handed play.

It was at this time that Jung took the chip lead with a few major double ups. That put Jung in position to call Cheng’s all-in with pocket Fours. Unfortunately for Cheng, who had King-Queen offsuit, no King or Queen came on the board and he was eliminated from the Main Event in fourth place.

Third place went to Zheng, who was Tang’s third scalp of the final table. Zheng’s stack took a battering during three-handed play and when he went all-in with pocket Eights, Tang was there to deliver the final blow in the form of a call with Ace-King of Hearts.

Zheng was actually in the lead on the flop and the turn, with his Eights having held up. However, the King of Diamonds came on the river, which gave Tang the higher pair and sent Zheng packing.

That left Jung and Tang in heads-up play and the two played for a little under an hour before a decision was made to end play for the day. As always, PokerUpdate will keep readers updated of the outcome of the final chapter of the ACOP Main Event.

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