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59 Survive Day 2 of Paddy Power Irish Poker Open

When the day started yesterday, 253 hopeful players returned to the tables. After some ten hours of play, that number has been reduced to just 59. It was expected that the bubble would burst yesterday, but as things stand right now, we will have to see another twelve players join the rail before the remaining 47 can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they will not be walking away with empty pockets.

We’ve seen many notable eliminations yesterday and for many, hopes of winning the Paddy Power Irish Poker Open 2014 were crushed. Some of the names include Nick Newport, Dermot Blaine, Daniel Laming, Jude Ainsworth, John O’Shea, and Andy Black. The list of eliminations is, of course, a long one, as we lost about 150 players yesterday. But, there are also 59 survivors still in with a shot for €200,000 in first place prize money.

Leading that pack is Finnish player Ville Sissonen, who managed to seize the lead yesterday and ended the day with a stack of 522,000. Coming on his heels is German Yoni Kissous with 477,500, followed by Jessie May on 454,500. David Masters, who had his moments at the very top of the chip counts, will be returning with 330,000, just like Jonathan Lundy with a stack of 292,000. Gerard Harraghy may have lost some steam but he is still in with 178,500. John Eames is near the bottom of the table sitting on 126,000, while the official short stack to start the day will be Eldon Orr with 54,500.

As for the sole survivor competition for players who qualified online via Paddy Power Poker, 22 players are still remaining in the hunt for the nice additional cash of €50,000. Play resumes at 1 PM local time today and the plan is to play down all the way to the final table, so we might potentially be in for the long ride. Keep in mind that you can follow the live stream of the feature table as well as all the fresh chip counts and seating order at We will also be bringing you updates on the event page and you can also tune in on the Paddy Power blog. Brace yourselves for a day of exciting poker ahead!

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