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We’re a quarter of the way through 2017 and online high stakes action has been “fast and furious.” Despite complaints regarding rake and rewards on PokerStars, there’s been no lack of action.

So far, there are 18 high stakes players with over $100k in earnings in 2017. There are just as many stuck at least that much. Continue reading to learn more about the “fate of the furious.”

Ravenswood13 Presently Dominating in High Stakes

The biggest winner thus far in 2016 is presently a “losing” player on PokerStars. Dutch player “Ravenswood13” has a graph that looks like a seismic readout. Prone to downswings, he is still recovering from the worse downswing of his career back in 2015. He took a $1.3 million swing and bottomed out last August down $1.19 million.

Since that time, he’s been steadily trying to climb out of that hole and his results this year are going a long way to pull him back to even. Ravenswood13 is presently up $629,324 in 2017 but over half of that came from a massive heads-up PLO battle with Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov last week.

They battled at $100/$200 PLO at four heads-up tables over the course of three and a half hours. When the smoke cleared, Ravenswood13 was up on all four tables and up over $100k on three of them.

In the end, Ravenswood13 took $382,860 from Kuznetsov. His earnings in 2017 have helped him erase a large chunk of his downswing. He’s now down just $152k lifetime on PokerStars. It will be interesting to see if he can continue his rebound or whether he’ll pull and Isildur1 and come crashing back down.

Ravenswood13 is the biggest winning thus far in 2017 but by far not the only big winner. There are presently 18 players up $100k or more in 2017 and 8 with $200k or more.

Only three players have more than $300k in earnings so far. Besides Ravenswood13, the other two players are Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky (+$371,584) and “RaulGonzalez” (+$312,051).

Stern, Cates and Perkins Playing Donator Roles

With big winners, you’re going to have those that are stuck and playing the role of donator. So far this year, three big names in the game are down a combined $1.3 million.

Dani “supernova9” Stern is presently stuck the most in 2016, down $485,134 over 104 session. After starting the year on an upswing of nearly $200k, he dropped all those losses over the course of a couple of days to land in the red. He’s been steadily dropping since.

Dan Cates, who plays as w00ki3z on PokerStars, is presently down $425,663. Cates started the year on a horrid downswing and by January 8th was down $465k. He nearly eclipsed $500k in losses before starting to pull himself back up in late February.

At this point, Cates is probably hoping that Tom Dwan indeed restarts the Durrrr Challenge.

Third on the list is Bill “GASTRADER” Perkins. The high stakes amateur has never been profitable on PokerStars and more than doubled his lifetime losses on the site in just three months.

Perkins was down $320k by the end of January and looks to have only posted one winning day since. He currently down $396,136. Then again, we assume these are all Perkins’ losses.

After all, he is known to be a multi-accounter and was banned on ACR after allowing Dan Bilzerian to play on his account while streaming live on Twitch.


Then again, anyone that can go live streaming online poker while riding around on a yacht probably isn’t worrying about dropping $320k online.

At the time of this writing, there are 18 players down at least $100k or more on the year. Some of those players include Dario “Secret_M0d3” Sammartino (-$220,988), Alexander “joiso” Kostritsyn (-$204,164), Nikita “fish2013” Bodyakovsky (-$160,732) and Daniel “DANMERRRRRRR” Merriless (-$116,865).


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Additional note: Go see Fate of the Furious.

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