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189 Survived EPT Vienna Day 2

After six levels of play, 189 players bagged their chips for tomorrow’s continuation of the EPT Main Event in Vienna. After registration closed, the final number of participants reached 910, creating a total prize pool of €4,413,500. Of this number, €816,000 will go to the last man standing, while the rest will be distributed amongst the other top 134 finishers. The smallest cash for those who make it into the top 135 will be €8,700.

As anticipated, we’ve seen a lot of fireworks during Day 2. There were numerous short stacks throughout the room and as the clock was ticking away, those players had to move those chips around as they were running out of time. There were some who only registered to play this morning, like Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates, who didn’t get to play much as he was quickly eliminated in a set over set situation.

The man who was favored by Lady Luck today was Sebastien Trisch. The German played well and cards fell his way and as the last hand of the evening was dealt, he bagged 568,500 in chips to bring back to the tables tomorrow. Others who survived today with big stacks are Artur Koren (463,000), Marko Neumann (421,100), and Ivan Neytchev (377,100). Other names that might ring the bell and who will be returning tomorrow include Vladimir Geshkenbein, Sam Trickett, the Great Dane himself – Gus Hansen, Marcel Luske, Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom, and Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier. All in all, it seems we are in for quite a treat in the coming days. We should probably make mention of Eureka Main Event winner Zoltan Gal, who is still holding on in the tournament although he will be quite short-stacked tomorrow with 40,000 chips to his name.

Michael Eiler, the defending champion of Vienna, will no longer be defending his title, as he failed to survive the day. Michael Telker, whom we’ve noticed mostly due to his shenanigans at the table today and the fact that the tournament director had to take a bottle of vodka away from him, did not make it either. Telker’s promise that he would be drinking for seven days by the time he wins will not materialize. Karl Ruprecht Prinz von Bavaria, probably the only representative of any royal family in this event, will not be joining the action tomorrow either. Other notable names that have fallen include Vitaly Lunkin, Sandra Naujoks, Olivier Busquet, Dominik Nitsche, Ole Schemion and Kevin MacPhee.

Play will continue tomorrow at noon again, probably for another six levels. We should also burst the money bubble tomorrow, so make sure to tune in for the live coverage of Day 3 action from the EPT Vienna Main Event.

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