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Sam Trickett and Natasha Sandhu Break Up

European poker star Sam Trickett has announced that he and longtime girlfriend and fiancee Natasha Sandhu have called it quits after 10 years.

The parting of ways was mutual, and Trickett took the time to express his feelings for Sandhu on his blog at Everest Poker. Those feelings still include love, but the 2012 Big One for One Drop runner-up explained that he and ‘Tash’ “have grown apart over the time it has taken us to mature into adults.”

A chance meeting at a school disco 12 years ago led to a relationship that began a decade ago. Trickett is quick to point out that he “knew straight away that she was special.”

Unfortunately, the demands of a career in poker that include travel and the desire to play often seemingly took its toll on the relationship over time. Trickett called the separation “one of the toughest decisions of both our lives,” but gave thanks to Tasha that the pair “have both dealt with it very well.”

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Lovely Tash a PokerTube host

Sandhu is a star in the poker world in her own right as a PokerTube host. She also previously wrote a blog here at PokerUpdate, often describing her experiences with Sam while giving advice and tips regarding places to eat and booking arrangements necessary for those set to embark on the poker circuit.

Her role at PokerTube began eight months ago and has now expanded into modeling. Tasha is featured in a 2015 calendar available only at PokerTube, the world’s largest poker media website where thousands of poker videos and up-to-date news is readily available for poker players and fans.

That 2015 calendar offers a different photo of lovely Tasha for every month of the year. Players can win the calendar as part of a “Santa’s Sack” promotion at PokerTube. Click here for more details.

Spark lost

Trickett further explained how the parting with Sandhu came to be, lamenting the fact that the pair did not work hard enough in keeping the relationship alive when they noticed it was teetering. Youth played a part in that, a “lack of knowledge and understanding.” But now at 28 and a bit more mature, Sam wisely realized that, “By the time you figure this out – it’s too late.”

I think connection is extremely important in a relationship,” Trickett stated. “It needs to be kept on the burner, so it’s hot. We lost that. Our love evolved differently. We cared for each other more than ever, but the spark was gone.”

Back on the dating market

So Sam and Tasha are both single and available. That likely comes as delightful news to male poker players who had admired Sandhu from afar while she was coupled with Trickett. For that matter, Sam has undoubtedly turned a few heads of the fairer sex.

The fact that we are still so fond of each other, have a ton of great memories, and left on a good note, is what makes this easier,” Trickett said. “It’s going to be so strange being single. Tash looked after me. She always looked out for my best interests, made sure that my gambling was in check, brought some normality into my life, and made sure I always remembered to spend time with my family and old friends. In short, she helped me grow up.”



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