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100 WSOP cashes for Phil “The Poker Brat” Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth made history yesterday, in the World Series of Poker Europe Event#5. He became the first poker player EVER to reach the 100th WSOP cash milestone.

“Feels wonderful to hit my #WSOPCash100!! I’ve got 99 cashes & 100th one! But no time to celebrate as I’m in the zone w 36 players left”, “The Poker Brat” tweeted after the historic performance.

The cash didn’t come easy at all for Hellmuth. The poker pro had to sweat 23 minutes before the bubble finally burst. Matan Krakow was the first player to go all-in on the bubble. He was a 75% favorite on the flop with his trip eights against James Dempsey’s flush draw. The third flush card on the board didn’t come and Hellmuth had to wait a little more to celebrate his 100th WSOP Cash. He folded pocket threes after a three-bet and ten minutes later, he was singing: “I had 99 cashes and now a 100th one, kind of like the Jay-Z song.” Pascal Rabany was the unfortunate bubble boy as he was eliminated by Jason Mann.

A short while later, Hellmuth was steaming after losing 50 big blinds in ten minutes. “Tough tough spot, but if I trust my read and CALL, then I’m chip leader. I had 8s-6s on 8d-5d-2c-5d-3d board and he bet big every street,” The Poker Brat tweeted, after busting out of the tournament. That particular hand was played against Brazilian Ariel Celestino, who showed the seven of clubs and the record-breaking American was convinced that his opponent bluffed. A few hands later, the 13-time bracelet winner went all in with pocket sixes only to get called by Celestino’s pocket sevens. And Hellmuth was done for the evening, finishing 29th and winning €4,206. “In my room ruminating: if I make that call then I’m chip leader with 28 left, instead busted…I’m in the zone, BUT I didn’t trust my read,” he later added on his Twitter account.

Phil Hellmuth is now sitting comfortably in the top spot of the WSOP Cashes Leaderboard with the magic number of 100. He is also the poker player with the most WSOP gold bracelets in history (13). Erik Seidel still has a lot of work to do in order to catch him; he has “only” 80 cashes and 8 bracelets. Men “The Master” Nguyen has 79 cashes and 7 bracelets, whereas Daniel Negreanu has 67 WSOP cashes and 5 bracelets.

“The Poker Brat” cashed in for the first time in a WSOP event 25 years ago. He finished fifth in the 1988 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo event and won $15,450. He was only 23 years old. One year later he would become the youngest WSOP Main Event champ, winning his first major live tournament event and along with it, $755,000.

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