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Earlier this month, a 3,600x multiplier PokerStars $100 buy-in Spin & Go was captured on a live stream by none other than Jaime Staples — aka PokerStaples. The September 7 recording comes roughly one month after PokerStars introduced $100 Spin & Gos to its online poker offering.

Although Staples wasn’t directly involved in the event, his commentary was viewed live by more than 2,000 Twitch fans, who watched the 10 minute segment. We won’t spoil who the result for you, as you can watch the Video on Demand via Jaime Staples’ Twitch channel here.

One in 100,000 Opportunity

PokerStars Spin & Go tournaments feature a randomly-generated jackpot prize pool that can range from twice the tournament buy-in to 3,600 times.

The chance of hitting the highest multiplier at the beginning of a PokerStars Spin & Go event is 1 in 100,000 — or 1 / (10^5) — or 0.001%.

The top tier Spin & Gos award 300x the buy-in to second and third place finishers, while the winner is awarded 3,000 times.

Three players, one each from the Ukraine, the Netherlands, and the Russia Federation, were already guaranteed a payout of $30,000 once the $100 event began, and the winner received $300,000 USD (yes, that’s real money).

The PokerStaples Show

It’s easy to see in the video why Staples has such a large audience — doing railbird commentary with as much gusto as he puts into his own casts that feature events he competes in.

PokerStaples 360k Spin Go Stream

Canadian Jaime Staples is the second most popular Twitch poker live caster behind Jason Somerville, and routinely attracts thousands of viewers to his stream. Staples has had a successful 2015, signing as a Friend of PokerStars earlier this year thanks to his large Twitch following.

At current count, PokerStaples has more than 38,000 followers on Twitch, plus an expanding social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. His exported YouTube videos are loyally viewed by roughly two-thirds of his 6,500 subscribers on that platform.

Being able to provide live entertainment within a stream while also archiving those shows has been instrumental for poker live streamers who wish to engage both a real time and DVR-esque following.

Get Well Soon!

Staples has had to battle through an ear infection during the PokerStars WCOOP 2015. That unfortunate circumstance has put somewhat of a damper on the live streaming star’s plans, but he should be back at full strength in time for this weekend’s big WCOOP events.

We’d like to send a get well soon shout out to Jaime from all of us here at PokerUpdate. Our readers can comment on the $360,000 Spin & Go cast as well as PokerStaples’ live programming by creating a post in the section below.

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