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Anthony Zinno won the $25,000 PL Omaha High Roller on Wednesday. He has been on the run of a lifetime this summer, making five final tables including his bracelet victory. Also, Takahiro Nakai made short work of Mel Wiener to win the Event 57 bracelet and $399,039.

Haixia Zhang, the 2014 Ladies Champion, is the chip leader with four players remaining in Event #59, $1,500 NL Hold’em. She is looking to become just the fourth woman in history to win the Ladies Championship and an open-field WSOP event.

Takahiro Nakai Wins Event #57 and $399,039

An additional day was needed for Event #57, $1,000 NL Hold’em. Takahiro Nakai returned to face Mel Wiener heads-up for the bracelet. Nakai started with a massive lead holding 11.17 million to just 1.3 million.

This match was so lopsided that Takahiro moved all-in nearly every hand of the match.  Wiener folded the first three hands but in hand four, he moved all-in with 10d-5d and Nakai called with Ks-Jh. Wiener caught two tens on the flop to double-up.

That double only managed to get Wiener back to 1.5 million and Nakai went back to shoving every hand. Wiener again folded three straight hands but on the fourth he decided to call with Ad-Jd. Nakai held Qs-7h and had live cards.

The flop fell Qc-Jh-6s give both players a pair but Nakai took the lead. The turn Kc gave Wiener a straight draw but the river 9h ended Wiener’s futile efforts of a comeback.

Takahiro Nakai is only the second Japanese player in WSOP history to win a bracelet. In addition to his first career bracelet, Nakai earned $399,039 in prize money. Congratulations.

Anthony Zinno Wins $25,000 PL Omaha High Roller

The $25,000 PL Omaha High Roller Event resumed on Wednesday with 12 players remaining and Anthony Zinno in the chip lead. This event was supposed to take four days but the speed of play allowed the event to play out on Wednesday.

It didn’t take long to reach the final table of nine as Troy Burkholder, Michael Ferrell and Talal Shakerchi went out within a few minutes of each other. Anthony Zinno had a sizable chip lead at the start of the final table but had several talented pros between him and the bracelet.

The three-time WPT champion has made five final tables this summer with three in $10k events and the other was the $111,111 ONE DROP High Roller. He was looking to finally break through for his first bracelet.
Here is how the final table began play:

 1  Shaun Deeb  639,000
 2  Anthony Zinno  4,163,000
 3  Alexander Kostritsyn  2,434,000
 4  Stian Usterud  714,000
 5  Christian Harder  1,109,000
 6  Chris Santora  802,000
 7  Juha Helppi  2,231,000
 8  Pakinai Lisawad  549,000
 9  Ismael Bojang  490,000

This final table was a bit of a PLO clinic by Zinno. He continually built his stack throughout the final despite only eliminating one player. Ultimately, it was Zinno facing Pakinai Lisawad for the bracelet.

At the start of heads-up play, Zinno led with 8.95 million versus just 4.17 million for Lisawad. In just a couple of hands, that lead extended to 4:1 and later 8:1 prior to the final hand.

In the final hand, Lisawad potted to 300,000 and Zinno re-potted enough to put him all-in. Zinno held Ac-Ah-Qs-10c while Lisawda held a double-suited Kh-7h-Js-3s. The flop fell 5c-4s-3c to give Lisawad a pair but still behind Zinno’s aces. The turn 7c gave Lisawad two pair and the lead. However, the river fell the Ad to give Zinno a set of aces and his first career bracelet.

The fifth time proved to be the charm for Zinno this summer. In his fifth final table appearance, he earned his first career WSOP bracelet and $1.12 million in prize money. His performance should put him in contention for the 2015 WSOP Player of the Year. It will be interesting to see how he performs over the remaining few days and in the upcoming Main Event.

Haixia Zhang Leads Final Four in Event #59

The final day of Event #59, $1,500 NL Hold’em, started with 37 players looking to make the final table and take down the bracelet. Guilano Bendinelli finished the day as chip leader with former Main Event Champion Jamie Gold still in contention.

At the start of the unofficial final table, the 2014 Ladies Champion Haixia Zhang held the chip lead. WPT Champion Yorane Kerignard was in second. Jamie Gold has made his first WSOP final since winning the 2006 Main Event. He started with a middle stack.

Seat 1: Haixia Zhang – 2,600,000
Seat 2: Rick Alvarado – 485,000
Seat 3: Joshua Evans – 1,600,000
Seat 4: Jason Herron – 725,000
Seat 5: Alex Lindop – 2,340,000
Seat 6: Jamie Gold – 1,340,000
Seat 7: Yorane Kerignard – 2,200,000
Seat 8: Aurelien Guiglini – 2,170,000
Seat 9: George Hamati – 555,000
Seat 10: Luis Freitas – 2,165,000

George Hamati was the final table bubble boy. He was all-in pre-flop with Ac-Js but ran into the pocket kings of Jamie Gold. The flop produced a jack, but the turn and river both bricked Hamati to send him out in tenth place.

Richard Alvarado made his second final table of the 2015 WSOP in this event, but his second final table stay was a brief one. In the fifth hand of play, he moved all-in pre-flop with As-10h and was called by Aurelien Guiglini called with Kh-Qs. The flop fell Qd-10c-9h to pair both player’s kicker and give Guiglini the lead. The turn Qc left Alvarado drawing dead and eliminated in ninth.

Jamie Gold made an incredible run in this event and was in championship form. However, the cards just didn’t break for him at the final table and he fell in fifth. In his final hand, he moved all-in pre-flop over the top of a raise from Alex Lindop. Lindop made the call and showed pocket jacks. Gold held Ah-5c. The board failed to produce an ace and Gold hit the rail in fifth, earning $120,952.

Shortly after Gold’s elimination, play was halted for the night. Hiaxia Zhang leads the final four when play resumes on Thursday. Just 1.5 million separates first and fourth and with every player having over 30 big blinds, there’s still a lot of poker to be players.

Play will resume at 1 p.m. PDT. Here are the chip counts for the final four:

Haixia Zhang – 4,800,000
Alex Lindop – 4,200,000
Aurelien Guiglini – 3,655,000
Yorane Kerignard – 3,490,000

Michael Del Vecchio Leads $1,111 Little One for ONE DROP

Day 2 of the $1,111 Little One for ONE DROP started with 1,047 players looking to make the money in this event and begin the march towards the final table. Nick Yunis started the day with the chip lead in a field packed with amateurs. However, a few big name pros were among those that advanced and looked to build a stack on Wednesday.

It took nearly half the night to burst the money bubble. Near the end of level five, an unknown player hit the rail to send the final 468 players to a payday. A min-cash in this event is worth $1,803 while first will eventually take home $645,969.

The remainder of the day saw a sea of bustouts as players tried to build a stack for the final table. Among the notables that finished with a payday were David Pham, Michael Mizrachi, Ylon Schwartz, Mark Radoja, Sam Grizzle, Fatima Moreira de Melo, Dario Sammartino and Alex Bolotin.

Just 129 players remain in the Little One for ONE DROP. Michael Del Vecchio will return as chip lead with just over 1 million. Other notables still in the field include Men “the Master” Nguyen, Jonathan Little, Matt Stout, Dominik Nitsche, David Jackson, Simon Deadman, Jared Hamby and Adrian Apmann.

This event will resume at 2 p.m. PDT and play 10 more levels or until the final table is reached.

Liv Boeree Among Leaders in the $1,500 Bounty NL

Two new events kicked off on Wednesday. The Noon event was the $1,500 Bounty NL Hold’em. Every player has a $500 bounty on his or her head, so all you need to do to make some cash in this tournament is knock out a player.

This is the first time that this event has been run at the World Series of Poker and a field of 2,178 players came out to give it a try. After 11 levels, just 281 remain. Christopher Brammer will return tomorrow with 242,100 and the chip lead. Right behind him is Liv Boeree with 168,600. Other notables include Zo Karim, Kevin Saul, Leif Force, JC Tran and Faraz Jaka.

The evening event was the $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. World Championship. H.O.R.S.E. still proves to be a favorite among mixed game players and this $10k event actually saw a bit of growth year-over-year compared to other similar events in 2015.

A field of 204 players turned out for this year’s event, up four from last year. The winner will eventually take home $517,766 and 24 players will receive a payday.

Eli Elezra finished Day 1 with the 160,100 and the chip lead. Other notables advancing to Day 2 include David Chiu, Ted Forrest, David Benyamine, Gary Benson, Brian Hastings, Bruno Fitoussi, and Bill Chen. Anthony Zinno hopped into this event after winning his bracelet and is part of the 124 player field advancing to Day 2.

First Ever Online Bracelet Event on Tap

The first ever online bracelet event highlights Thursday’s action. The Noon event, $1,000 Online NL Hold’em, will be held on This event will play down to the final table with the final players returning on Saturday to play for the bracelet.

The evening event is the final Stud variant of the year. The $1,500 Stud 8 or Better should draw a solid crowd and may exceed last year’s totals just because it is the only live tournament to kick off at the Rio



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