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Jonathan Duhamel, the 2010 WSOP Main Event Champion, won his second career bracelet early Tuesday morning when he took down the $111,111 ONE DROP High Roller. He survived a stacked final table that included Phil Hellmuth, Ben Sulsky and Daniel Colman.

Brandon Wittmeyer defeated Derek Gomez to take down the DraftKings 50/50 NL Event. Just 26 players remain Event #57 with Stephen Graner taking a 2:1 chip lead over the rest of the field into play on Tuesday.

Brandon Wittmeyer Wins DraftKings 50/50 NL Title

The final day of the $1,500 DraftKings 50/50 NL Hold’em started with 28 players returning looking to make the final table and take down the bracelet. Matt Matros, Dominik Nitsche and Matt Affleck were among the notables remaining in the field at the start of action on Monday.

Dominik Nitsche fell in 24th place when his Ah-Qd was unable to best the pocket sevens of Tanya Kirk or the pocket jacks of Matt Affleck. Matt Matros fell in 19th place when his As-5c was unable to outrun the pocket jacks of Brandon Wittmeyer.

Joseph Barnard was the final table bubble boy in this event. In his final hand, he shoved the river with the board showing 10s-4s-4h-2c-2h and Brandon Wittmeyer insta-called. Barnard held Kh-10h for a flush but Wittmeyer held pocket tens for a full-house.

Mukul Pahuja and Matt Affleck were the featured players at this final table. Pahuja has over $3.6 million in career earnings with 2 WSOP Circuit ring victories and four WPT final table appearances. Affleck has $1.4 million in earnings and is most known for his deep run in the 2010 WSOP Main Event.

Everyone at this final table was looking for their first bracelet victory. Here are the final table participants:

Seat 1: Stefano Terziani
Seat 2: Tom Braband
Seat 3: Ping Liu
Seat 4: Brandon Wittmeyer
Seat 5: Matt Affleck
Seat 6: Michael Whitman
Seat 7: Perati Muhamet
Seat 8: Mukul Pahuja
Seat 9: Derek Gomez

Matt Affleck fell short of the bracelet, finishing in sixth. Ping Liu shoved from the button and Affleck called from the big blind. Affleck held Kc-Jd and Liu Ad-6h. Affleck picked up a straight draw by the turn but blanked the river to finish this event in sixth.

Makul Pahuja fell in fourth place. He was all-in pre-flop for his last 670,000 with Ah-Jh and Ping Liu made the call with Ac-7s. The flop fell 7c-5c-2c to give Liu the lead and a flush draw. However, that was all he needed as the board failed to produce a jack and Pahuja left to collect $56,245.

Ping Liu was knocked out in third place to setup heads-up play. He shoved from the button with 9c-7h and ran into pocket queens from Brandon Wittmeyer. The queens held to setup the heads-up match between Wittmeyer and Derek Gomez.

Heads-up play started with both players relatively even in chips. Wittmeyer jumped out to an early chip lead and continued to extend it as play continued. Ultimately, Gomez was all-in pre-flop with Ad-10s and behind to Wittmeyer’s Ah-Qh. The flop fell Ks-10d-2d to give Gomez the lead. The turn 2h left Wittmeyer needing a queen or jack to win the bracelet. The river fell the Qc to give Wittmeyer queens-up and the bracelet.

Earlier this summer, Brandon Wittmeyer finished third in the $2,500 NL Hold’em Event to earn $215,964. He improved two spot from that finish to win the DraftKings 50/50 Event for his first bracelet and $200,618. Congratulations.

Jonathan Duhamel Wins ONE DROP High Roller

Day 2 of the ONE DROP High Roller started 46 players and Daniel Colman holding the chip lead. Numerous big names remained in the field including Phil Hellmuth who was looking for his 15th career bracelet in this event.

The first order of business was to burst the money bubble. Just 16 players will be paid in this event and hand-for-hand began with 18 players remaining. This event featured an extended hand-for-hand period with two big names falling just shy of the money.

Erik Seidel was the 18th place finisher when he ran Jd-8d into the pocket nines of Andrew Lichtenberger. Seidel picked up an open ended straight draw on the flop but was unable to improve. Justin Bonomo became the bubble boy in this event. He was all-in with As-Kc against pocket queens for Daniel Colman. The board missed Bonomo and the remaining players all received a payday.

A min-cash in this event was worth $251,653 while the winner will receive $3.98 million. The top four will become poker millionaires. Several big names fell on the way to the final table. Joseph Cheong fell in 15th while Doc Sands finished 14th. Brian Hastings fell short of his third bracelet of the series, finishing 11th. John Racener finished in 10th.

At the start of the unofficial final table, Phil Hellmuth held the chip lead but less than 1.3 million separated first and fourth. Daniel Colman was looking to become the first player in history to win both the Big One for ONE DROP and the ONE DROP High Roller. He started the final third in chips.
Here are the chip counts at the start of the unofficial final table:

Seat 1: Anthony Zinno – 2,885,000
Seat 2: Dan Perper – 3,825,000
Seat 3: Bill Klein – 7,420,000
Seat 4: Andrew Lichtenberger – 340,000
Seat 5: Jonathan Duhamel – 2,020,000
Seat 6: Phil Hellmuth – 7,900,000
Seat 7: Sergey Levedev – 2,500,000
Seat 8: Daniel Colman – 6,900,000
Seat 9: Ben Sulsky – 6,695,000

Andrew Lichtenberger was the final table bubble boy. He was all-in pre-flop with A♠-J♠ against pocket tens for Sulsky. The flop fell K♦-10♦-9♣ to give Sulsky a full house and Lichtenberger a straight draw. However, the turn produced the 9♠ and Lichtenberger was out in ninth.

Despite starting the final table as chip leader, Phil Hellmuth lost a couple of big pots with seven players remaining and was the short stack. Finally, with just 550,000 remaining he called a pre-flop all-in from Dan Perper with Ad-4s. Perper held pocket kings and Hellmuth was in bad shape. The board failed to produce an ace and Hellmuth hit the rail in sixth place. While he didn’t win the bracelet, he did earn $696,821 in prize money.

Ben Sulsky has been proving this summer that he is not just a cash game pro. This was his second final table of the summer and this time he finished as a poker millionaire after busting in fourth.

With fewer than 10 big blinds remaining, he shoved pre-flop with 8d-7d in hopes of a steal most likely. Daniel Colman looked down to Ac-7c and made the call. The flop fell Qc-3c-2c and Sulsky was instantly drawing dead to Colman’s flush. Ben Sulsky finished in fourth place, earning $1.11 million.

Daniel Colman was looking to become the first player to win the Big One for ONE DROP and the ONE DROP High Roller but fell just shy of that goal, falling in third. Colman lost most of his stack when Jonathan Duhamel doubled through. Duhamel raised to 1 million and Colman shoved. Duhamel called for 11.67 million total.

Duhamel held pocket queens against Ac-9c. Those queens held to double Duhamel and knock Colman down to 6.45 million. Three hands later, Colman shoved from the small blind with Ks-Js but Klein reshoved to isolated. Duhamel folded and Klein showed pocket aces. Colman hit a jack on the flop but failed to improve and was out in third place. Colman earned $1.54 million for his third place finish.

Heads-up in this event was between Jonathan Duhamel and Bill Klein. Duhamel held 23 million at the start of the match versus 17.47 million for Klein. Klein attempted to make a game of it but was unable to gain any traction during the match.

In the final hand, Duhamel raised to 1.2 million and Klein three-bet to 3.6 million. Duhamel then moved all-in and after a bit of tanking, KIein made the call for 12.37 million total.

Klein showed Kh-Jd but found himself crushed against pocket kings. The flop fell Jh-9c-5h to give him some hope but the turn As and river 4s gave the hand and the title to Duhamel.

Jonathan Duhamel has had a few near-misses since winning the 2010 Main Event but today seemed destiny for the Canadian pro. He played well during this event and was near the chip lead during the entire final table. In the end, the momentum swung his way to give him his second career bracelet and $3.98 million in prize money. Congratulations.

Stephen Graner Leads Final 26 in Event 57

Day 2 of Event #57, $1,000 NL Hold’em, kicked off on Monday with 278 players looking to make the money and begin the march towards the final table. With 270 players cashing, it took less than 30 minutes to bust the money bubble. A min-cash received $1,820 while first will eventually receive $399,039.

Over the remainder of the day, the field was thinned from 270 to the final 26 players. Among the notables finishing with a payday were Ray Henson, Allen Kessler, Steve Gee, Jennifer Shahade, Martin Jacobson, Fatima Moreira de Melo, Rep Porter, Jon Turner and Leo Wolpert.

Stephen Graner takes a huge chip lead into the final day of play. He has 1.86 million with the next closest player, Paul Vas Nunes, holding only 936,000. The final 26 players will return on Tuesday to play to the final table and the bracelet.

Kevin Killeen Leads $1,500 NL – Talai Shakerchi Leads $25k PLO High Roller

Two new events kicked off on Monday. The Noon Event was the third $1,500 NL Hold’em Event of the 2015 WSOP. A field of 2,155 players turned out on Monday for this event, a massive 24.32% increase from the 1,631 players from the same event in 2014.

After 11 levels, just 324 remain and Kevin Killeen is the chip leader. Some of the notables advancing to Day 2 include Andy Frankenberger, Jamie Gold, Jeff Madsen, and Tony Hachem.

The evening event was the $25,000 PL Omaha High Roller. A new event on the WSOP schedule, this tournament drew a solid field of 166 players and was stacked with big name talent. Some of the big names in the field on Monday included Shaun Deeb, Phil Galfond, Brian Rast, David Benyamine, Phil Hellmuth, Robert Mizrachi, Daniel Negreanu, Ben Lamb, Jason Mercier, JC Tran, Justin Bonomo and Erik Seidel.

After 10 levels, 66 remain in this event. James Park is the chip leader with 465,700 heading into Day 2 action. Play will continue on Tuesday for 10 levels.

WSOP Gets Charitable on Tuesday

The only new event on Tuesday is the $1,111 Little One for ONE DROP NL Limit event with unlimited re-entry. This event has two starting flights at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Last year’s Little One drew 4,496 players and was eventually taken down by Igor Dubinskyy. With the trends of other events this summer, this event will probably fall short of last year’s total but should still reach 4,000 players.

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