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Carol Fuchs became the first woman to win an open field event at the 2015 WSOP on Saturday after taking down the $1,500 Dealer’s Choice Event. The $3,000 NL Six-Max will need another day to complete. Seamus Coleman will face off against Justin Liberto on Sunday for the title.

Jason Mercier is looking for his second bracelet of the 2015 WSOP and currently leads the $10,000 PL Omaha Championship with 21 players remaining. The Ladies World Championship has reached the unofficial final table with Liya Gerasimova returning on Sunday with the chip lead.

Carol Fuchs Wins $1,500 Dealer’s Choice Event

The final day of the $1,500 Dealer’s Choice Event started with just 11 players looking to make the final table. Defending champion Robert Mizrachi returned second in chips and in good shape to repeat.

It took less than two levels to make the unofficial final table. Ilya Krupin was the chip leader with Chris Klodnicki and Robert Mizrachi rounding out the top three. Carol Fuchs was looking to become the first woman to win an open-field bracelet at the 2015 WSOP.

1 – Carol Fuchs – 301,000
2 – Robert Mizrachi – 476,000
3 – Viktor Celikovsky – 270,000
4 – Ilya Krupin – 683,000
5 – Matt Szymaszek – 352,000
6 – Yuval Bronsthein – 57,500
7 – Chris Klodnicki – 527,500

You would have thought Yuval Bronsthein would have been the first eliminated due to his short stack but he caught fire early on and vaulted up the leaderboard. Matt Szymaszek didn’t has the same luck and was the final table bubble boy. He was all-in during NL Hold’em with pocket threes against Ah-Kh for Chris Klodnici. A king on the flop and ace on the turn were enough to eliminated Szymaszek n seventh place.

Viktor Celikovsky was the first player knocked out from the official final table. Celikovsky put the last of his chips in after the second draw of a Badeucy hand against Yuval Bronshtein. Bronshtein tabled 10h-7s-5h-4d-3s for a ten-low and three card Badugi. Celikovsky showed 6d-5c-3d-2c and had potential for a scoop. However, he drew the As for a worse low and worse three-card Badugi.

Yuval Bronsthein made a remarkable run at this final. After being the short stack during the unofficial final, he came back and led the final table for a time. However, a massive double by Robert Mizrachi during NL Hold’em left him with just 40,000 chips. He put the rest of his chips in during an Omaha Hi-Lo hand against both Robert Mizrachi and Carol Fuchs. By the river, Fuchs had caught both a flush and a low and Bronshtein could beat neither. He left in fifth place.

Chris Klodnicki was the next player eliminated. During a PLO hand, he put the last of his chips in on a flop of 5c-6s-5s to call a bet from Robert Mizrachi. Ilya Krupin also called. The turn fell the 9c and Krupin forced Mizrachi out the pot. Klodnicki turned over Kc-Qc-9d-7d for a pair and gutshot draw but he found himself drawing dead when Krupin turned over 8h-6h-5d-4s for a flopped full house.


Robert Mizrachi fell just shy of repeating as champion, finishing in third place. The last of his chips went in at the turn during Omaha Hi-Lo. The board read 10d-3c-2s-Js and Krupin bet 100,000. Mizrachi called all-in for less and showed Kh-Qd-Qs-10s for a pair and both an open-ended straight draw and flush draw. Krupin showed 8d-6d-3d-2h for two pair and a low draw. The river brought the 7h and Mizrachi’s title defense ended with a third place finish.

Carol Fuchs faced off against Ilya Krupin heads-up for the bracelet. At the start of heads-up play, Fuchs led with 1.79 million versus 880,000 for Krupin. Fuchs dominated heads-up play and ground Krupin down to just three big bets prior to the final hand.

Krupin was all-in pre-flop during NL and Fuchs made the call. Krupin held Ac-8d versus Ks-Jh for Fuchs. The flop fell Kh-10d-4d to give Fuchs the lead and Krupin was down to three outs. The turn 3c and river 7s missed both players and Carol Fuchs is the champion.

Carol Fuchs became the first woman to win an open field bracelet at the 2015 World Series of Poker. Fuchs is a regular on the tournament circuit in California and this was easily her largest tournament score to date. Last year, she scored her first WSOP cash in the $1,500 10-Game and this year she went one step further to take the $1,500 Dealer’s Choice Event for her first bracelet and $127,725. Congratulations.

Seamus Coleman to Face Justin Liberto for the $3,000 NL Six-Max Bracelet

Jason Les started the final day as chip leader but fell short of the final table. He was all-in pre-flop for 500,000 holing pocket queens against Justin Liberto and his As-Qc. The flop and turn missed both players but the river produced the Ac to send Les to the rail in 15th.

Heading into the unofficial final table of this event, Justin Liberto led with 4.9 million. Liberto finished fourth in the 2013 Millionaire Maker and looked to improve on his best career finish. Former WPT Champion Cornel Cimpan was looking to earn the second leg of poker’s Triple Crown by taking down this event.

Here are the unofficial final table chip counts:

Seat 1. Alexander Debus – 2,055,000
Seat 2. Cornel Cimpan – 675,000
Seat 3. Seamus Cahill – 4,165,000
Seat 4. Justin Liberto – 4,910,000
Seat 5. Ben Heath – 660,000
Seat 6. Kiryl Radzivonau – 2,395,000
Seat 7. Harley Thrower – 860,000

Harley Thrower was looking to make his second final table of the 2015 WSOP but fell just short, becoming the final table bubble boy. He three-bet all-in pre-flop against Justin Liberto and was called. Thrower held pocket nines against the Ah-Jh of Liberto. The flop missed both players but the Ad on the turn proved enough to send Thrower to the rail in seventh.

Two hands later, Ben Heath was the first player eliminated from the official final table. He picked up pocket nines and shoved pre-flop for around 660,000. Alexander Debus reshoved with pocket queens to isolate. The board ran out eight high and Heath was out in sixth place.

Cornell Cimpan was next to fall. With 610,000 remaining, he moved all-in pre-flop with pocket kings and Seamus Cahill called with Kd-9d. The flop fell 8d-3d-2c to give Cahill a flush draw and the turn fell the Jd to fill his flush and send Cimpan out in fifth.

Alexander Debus fell in fourth place. He was all-in pre-flop for 1.6 million with pocket sixes but Cahill woke up with pocket aces and made the easy call. The flop fell Ks-6s-4s to give Debus a set but Cahill held the ace of spades and picked up a flush draw. The turn 7c missed both players but Cahill again hit his flush when the 5s fell on the river, eliminating Debus.

Kiryl Radzivonau fell in third against Justin Liberto. At the river, the board was Qs-5d-3d-2d-5s and Liberto checked. Radzivonau moved all-in for 1.24 million and Liberto called. Radzivonau showed Ad-4h for a wheel but Liberto showed 6h-4c for the six-high straight.

Once heads-up play was reached, play concluded for the evening. Seamus Coleman and Justin Liberto will return later today to battle for the bracelet. Coleman holds 9.73 million and the chip lead against Liberto who holds 5.92 million.

Ladies Event Reached Final Table – Mercier Leads Final 21 in $10k PLO

A field of 121 players returned on Saturday in the Ladies NL Hold’em Championship looking to make the money and the final table. Several notables remained in the field, including former champion Svetlana Gromenkova.

Kristin Hutton was the unfortunate bubble girl in this event. She was all-in pre-flop with pocket queens against the pocket sixes of Uyen Hoang. The flop fell 2s-2d-6s to give Hoang a full house and the lead. The turn and river failed to produce a queen and the remaining 81 players will receive a payday. A min-cash is worth $1,781 while the winner will eventually receive $153,876.

The pace of play picked up and the field quickly thinned from 81 to 10. A couple of notable finishers were Lacey Jones (58th), Pat Landis (41st), Jessica Dawley (32nd) and Svetlana Gromenkova (23rd).

Play was halted once the unofficial final table of 10 was reached. Liya Gerasimova will return on Sunday as chip leader.

Below are the chip counts for the unofficial final table:

  • Liya Gerasimova – 896,000
  • Parminderjit Mehmi – 865,000
  • Amanda Sizemore – 684,000
  • Stephanie Ampelikiotis – 420,000
  • Jacquelyn Scott – 266,000
  • Li Fu – 239,000
  • Sandra Morse – 234,000
  • Hope Williams – 168,000
  • Lisa Costello – 126,000
  • Stacie Boehm – 125,000

Over in the $10,000 PL Omaha Championship, 134 players returned to play to the money and start the grind to the final table. It took seven full levels to make the bubble in this event and Mel Randolph was the bubble boy.

The final 40 players will receive a payday in this event. A min-cash is worth $19,716 while first will receive $927,655. After the money bubble was burst, the field was thinned from 40 to just 21 by the end of the tenth level. Some of the players that finished in the money on Saturday included Jon Turner (39th), Sorel Mizzi (37th), Tony Cousineau (31st) and Brian Rast (30th).

Jason Mercier finished Day 2 with 1.18 million and will lead the final 21 players into action on Sunday. Dan Smith is currently third with 924,000. Other notables remaining include Shaun Deeb, Aaron Jones and Brian Roberts.

DraftKings 50/50 Pays 562 Players – Aurelius Leads

One of the new gimmick events on the 2015 WSOP was Saturday’s DraftKings 50/50 NL Hold’em. This $1,500 event paid half of the total prize pool, something never done in WSOP history. A field of 1,123 players came out to the Rio on Saturday to try out this unique event.

This event featured something that we haven’t seen since the pre-Boom days in payouts that were less than the original buy-in. This event will pay 562 players with 282nd place through 562nd receiving just $1,000. Players finishing from 118th through 281st will get $1,500. A player has to finish at least in 117th to make more than their initial buy-in. First place in this event will eventually receive $200,618.

It took until the start of Level 7 to burst the money bubble and two players went out on the same hand. Trevor Blair and another unknown player were the players eliminated on the bubble and split the 562nd prize, taking home just $500 each.

After the money bubble burst, eliminations started happening at break-neck speeds. Some of the players knocked out “in the money” were Andy Bloch, Kevin Saul, Max Pescatori, Hal Lubarsky, and PokerUpdate’s own Lee Davy.

At the end of 10 levels, just 211 players remain. Marcus Aurelius will return on Sunday with 192,600 and the chip lead. Notable players advancing to Day 2 included Matt Affleck, Todd Witteles, Matt Brady, Jim McManus, Scott Montgomery and Matt Matros.

Igor Yaroshevskyy Leads Final 54 in $5k NL Turbo

The evening event was a new addition to the WSOP schedule. The $5,000 NL Hold’em Turbo Event gave players 25,000 in stating chip but only 30 minute levels. Play was schedule to continue through 19 levels or until the final table was reached.

While this was a turbo, players weren’t eliminated as quickly as in your standard turbo, most likely because of the 25k starting stacks. Play only reached the money bubble and it took the entire day to get there.

Thomas Butzhammer was one of the final two players to hit the rail on the bubble. He was all-in pre-flop with pocket aces against the Kh-9d of Blair Rodman. The flop Qd-Jd-2h gave Rodman a gutshot draw and the turn 10h filled his straight. The river 5d helped send the field of 54 players into the money.

After 19 levels of play, 54 players remain and are all in the money. Igor Yaroshevskyy finished the day as chip leader with 500,000. Kevin MacPhee, Blair Rodman and David Benefield round out the top five. Other notables remaining include Shannon Shorr, Jared Jaffee, Martin Finger, Chris Moorman, Doc Sands, Sam Stein and Brock Parker.

ONE DROP High Roller is Sunday’s Featured Event

Two events kick off on Sunday. Event #57, $1,000 NL Hold’em, kicks off at Noon and should produce another solid field of players looking to pad their bankrolls with the Main Event around the corner.

At 1 p.m., the $111,111 ONE DROP High Roller kicks off. This event was last held in 2013 and drew 166 players. Anthony Gregg was the eventual winner, taking home $4.8 million. Gregg is expected to return to defend his title against a stacked field of pro players, wealthy businessmen and philanthropists.

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