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Adrian Buckley is poker’s latest millionaire. He survived a stacked final table and grueling heads-up battle to win the Millionaire Maker and $1.27 million. The third time was the charm for Matt Elsby. In his third career WSOP final table, he took down the $3,000 Limit Hold’em Six Max bracelet.

Garret Beckman is the chip leader heading into the final day of the $1,500 NL Hold’em event while the Prince of Docness leads the $10k Omaha Hi-Lo Championship. The first $1,000 NL Event also kicked off on Tuesday while Christian Pham build a massive chip lead in the $1,500 NL 2-7 Lowball.

Adrian Buckley Wins Millionaire Maker for $1.27 Million

Adrian Buckley is the first player of the 2015 WSOP to pocket a seven-figure payday. He took down the $1,500 Millionaire Maker NL Hold’em Event for a cool $1.27 million. The final day of play in this event started with 17 players looking to make the final table. Amazingly, there were several big names still in contention on the final day. The most notable being Hall of Famer Mike Sexton who was looking for his second career WSOP bracelet.

One of the notable players remaining in the field was the first eliminated on Tuesday. Andrew Lichtenberger put his remaining chips at risk pre-flop with pocket eights and was called by Ian O’Hara holding Qh-Jh. The flop fell Js-1s-4c to give O’Hara the lead. The turn 7s gave Lichtenberger outs to a straight but the river 10c ended his day in 17th.

In time, the field was thinned from 17 to 10 and the unofficial final table was remarkably strong considering that this event started with 7,275 players. Bracelet winners Mike Sexton, Justin Pechie and Erick Lindgren all made the final as well as Olivier Busquet.

Here is how the final 10 players started final table play:

  • 1. Adrian Buckley – 3,170,000
  • 2. Arshad Siddiqui – 6,330,000
  • 3. Javier Zarco – 13,270,000
  • 4. Olivier Busquet – 4,775,000
  • 5. Arthur Morris – 4,590,000
  • 6. Erick Lindgren – 4,670,000
  • 7.Justin Pechie – 2,155,000
  • 8. David Miscikowski – 5,645,000
  • 9. Mike Sexton – 1,645,000
  • 10. Randy Pfeifer – 8,315,000

Arthur Morris quickly became the final table bubble boy. He shoved pre-flop for 2.4 million with pocket tens and was called by Javier Zarco holding pocket aces. The board ran out devoid a ten and we were down to our official final table.

Mike Sexton was the sentimental favorite at the final table but he just didn’t have the chips to wait for a monster hand. On the second hand of the final table, he shoved his remaining 1.5 million on a flop of 8h-7d-3h. Erick Lindgren made the call and turned over pocket threes for a set. Sexton turned over 10c-8c for to pair only. The turn 8s gave Lindgren a full house but Sexton could still win if he could river a better boat. The river fell the 4c and we were down to nine.

Justin Pechie hit the rail in 8th place. He shoved under-the-gun with Kc-3c but Seddy Siddiqui woke up with pocket aces. The board missed both players and Pechie was out in 8th.

Erick Lindgren was going for his third career bracelet in this event but fell short, finishing in 7th. He moved all-in pre-flop with As-Kd and Olivier Busquet called with pocket jacks. Lindgren picked up a Broadway draw on the turn but a deuce on the river sent Lindgren to the rail.

Busquet’s elimination of Lindgren gave him the chip lead and he was able to ride that into a top three finish. Busquet was the short stack with three players remaining. With just ten big blinds remaining, He decided to shove with Ah-4d pre-flop. Javier Zarco quickly called and tabled pocket jacks. The board failed to connect with Busquet and we were heads-up for $1.27 million.

Adrian Buckley held more than a 2:1 chip lead at the start of heads-up play against Javier Zarco. With the big blind just 500k, both players were deep enough to make a run at the title without pressing. This resulted in a heads-up match lasting 92 hands.

The pair went back and forth trading the chip lead and even when the blinds climbed to 500k/1M, the pair continued their methodical pace of play. It would take a big hand to determine a winner, which was fitting after such a hard fought match.

Buckley raised pre-flop to 2 million and Zarco shoved for 17 million. Buckley quickly calls and flips over pocket tens. Zarco turns over pocket sixes and both rails eagerly awaited the board. The board ran out Ks-Jh-3h-Kd-2c to give Buckley the hand and the Millionaire Maker title.

Adrian Buckley is a part-time poker player from Colorado currently working as an electrical engineer for Lockheed Martin. What changes will he make after winning $1.27 million? He says that he plans to play the Main Event now but afterwards he is going back to work.

The World Series of Poker is all about making dreams come true and for Adrian Buckley, his dreams of becoming a poker millionaire and WSOP champion have come true. He takes the bracelet and $1.27 million. Congratulations.

Matt Elsby Wins $3,000 Limit Hold’em Six-Max

The final day of the $3,000 Limit Hold’em Six-Max began on Tuesday with 22 players looking to make the final table and take down the bracelet. Keven Stammen was the chip leader heading into the final day with several big names still in contention.

As the field was thinned from 22 to six, we lost the majority of the big names remaining in the field. Jorryt van Hoof was the first player eliminated when his Ad-Ks was outdrawn. Ronnie Bardah hit the rail in 16th when his pocket eights were outdrawn by the As-4s of William Kakon.

David Chiu hit the rail in 14th. He was all-in with a flush draw against Brian Hastings but his flush failed to complete. Matt Hawrilenko came out to Vegas just to play in this event. He went deep but fell in 11th. He was all-in on a flop of 8d-7h-3h with pocket aces against the pocket nines of Matt Elsby. The turn came the Js to give Elsby a gutshot draw and the river fell the 10s to give him a straight and send Hawrilenko back to the world of research.

Keven Stammen started the day as chip leader but fell in 8th. He was all-in with Kc-10h but behind the pocket tens of Joseph Thomas. The board ran out baby cards and the unofficial final table was set.

Brian Hastings was the featured player at the unofficial final table but was the short stack. Here is how the final seven players started play:

  • Seat 1. Gabriel Nassif – 461,000
  • Seat 2. Harun Sapmaz – 356,000
  • Seat 3. Matt Elsby – 823,000
  • Seat 4. Brian Hastings – 367,000
  • Seat 5. Alexander Kuzman – 1,012,000
  • Seat 6. Dave Tobin – 662,000
  • Seat 7. Joseph Thomas – 1,107,000

Hastings stay was a brief one as he was the final table bubble boy. He moved all-in on a flop of Qh-9c-5c holding pocket kings. Joseph Thomas called with 8c-7c for a gutshot straight flush draw. The turn 7d gave Thomas a pair and the river 8s gave him two pair and send Hasting out in seventh.

Matt Elsby and Gabriel Nassif were the most experienced players remaining at the final table. This was Elsby’s third WSOP final table, all in Limit Hold’em. Nassif has 32 career WSOP cashes dating back to 2005 along with eight final tables.

Ultimately, that experience would prove valuable as the heads-up showdown came down to Elsby and Nassif. In the end, Nassif had the edge in experience, but the cards fell the way of Elsby. Matt Elsby takes the $3,000 Limit Hold’em Six-Max title for his first gold bracelet and $230,799 in prize money. Congratulations.

Garret Beckman Leads Heading into Final Day of $1,500 NL

Day 2 of Event #20, $1,500 NL Hold’em, kicked off on Tuesday with 272 looking to make the money and begin the march towards the final table. Valentin Vornicu started the day as chip leader with Andy Frankenberger and Daniel Idema among the notables still in contention.

With 198 players receiving a payday, it took just over two levels to reach the money. Eric Mizrachi was among those busted near the bubble. His pocket jacks were unable to hold against the Kd-Qd of Caufman Talley. Two players hit the rail on the stone bubble, taking this event into the money without the need for hand-for-hand play.

After the money bubble burst, the march towards the final table began. For the remainder of the day, the field was reduced from 198 players to just 35 with each receiving a payday. A min-cash is worth $2,813 while the winner will earn $460,640. Among the notables finishing in the money were Marvin Rettenmaier (192nd), Sofia Lovgren (178th), Greg “FBT” Mueller (102nd), Maria Mayrnick (98th), Melanie Weisner (97th), Daniel Idema (76th) and Yevgeniy Timoshenko (43rd).

Garrett Beckman will lead the final 35 players into action later today with 1.28 million. Caufman Talley is right behind with 1.07 million and the only other player to finish with a seven-figure stack. Andy Frankenberger is 11th overall heading into the final day with 495,000. Kevin MacPhee is also alive in the event but will need to build early to have a shot at the final table.

Action will resume at 1 p.m. PDT and continue until the first champion is crowned.

Prince of Docness Leads $10k Omaha Hi-Lo – Seidel in Contention

Day 2 of the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Championship resumed Tuesday with around 100 players looking to make the money in this event. Due to the generous structures created by WSOP officials, it took the entire day to cut the field down to the money bubble.

Viatcheslav Ortynskiy was the bubble boy in this event. He was all-in against Eli Elezra who rivered a Broadway straight to eliminate Ortynskiy and send the event into the money. A min-cash will receive $20,941 while first will eventually take home $391,097.

After the table redraw, play concluded for the day with 18 players remaining. The Prince of Docness, that’s indeed what he calls himself, is the overall chip leader with 620,000. Kyle Miaso is right behind with 568,000.

Erik Seidel is deep in another WSOP event and looking for his ninth career bracelet. He will come back tenth in chips. Some of the other notables returning on Wednesday include Scott Clements, Daniel Alaei, Gary Benson, and short stacks Jeremy Ausmus and Eli Elezra.

Play will resume later today at 2 p.m. PDT and play to the winner.

Kyle White Leads $1,000 NL – Christian Pham Takes Huge Lead in Day 2 of NL 2-7

The first standard $1,000 NL Hold’em Event, aka donkament, kicked off on Tuesday. While it drew a solid crowd, moving the event from the weekend to a Tuesday impacted attendance. A field of 1,951 players took to the felt on Tuesday, down 12.28% from the 2,224 in 2014.

Nearly 90% of the field was eliminated on Day 1 with 207 players returning on Wednesday to play through the bubble and towards the final table. Kyle White leads 184,900 with Nacho Barbero right behind with 175,600. Other notables that survived Day 1 included Sam Greenwood, Antonio Esfandiari, David “ODB” Baker, Tony Cousineau and Jessica Dawley.

The bubble should burst quickly as 198 players will be paid, meaning there’s a good chance to reach final table by the end of 10 levels.

Monday’s evening event was the $1,500 NL 2-7 Lowball. A field of 219 players showed up on Day 1, down 9.13% from the 241 from 2014. Thanks to this being a NL format, the field was thinned down to just 40 players by the end of play.

Christian Pham takes a huge chip lead into Day 2 action. He has 145,175 while the next closest player, Nicholas Verkaik, has only 90,000. Other players that made it to Day 2 included Dan Smith, Jon Turner, Robert Mizrachi, Huck Seed, Adam Owen, Mike Leah, Frank Kasella and Mike Gorodinsky.

Action in this event will play through the money bubble on Day 2 and continue until the final table is reached.

H.O.R.S.E. and Eight-Handed NL on Tap

The WSOP flips the script a bit on Wednesday. The noon even is the $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. Event. This is one of the few non-Hold’em events to make a Noon start and should pull a solid crowd. Last year’s event drew 743 players and was taken down by Tommy Hang.

The evening event is the $5,000 Eight-Handed NL Hold’em. This should prove to be a star-studded affair with pros and skilled amateurs looking to take the only eight-handed title of the year. Last year’s event had a Noon start time, so don’t be surprised for a minor drop in attendance.

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