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The massive earthquake that hit Nepal last Saturday has devastated the region, leading PokerStars to begin a campaign of relief for those stricken by the calamity.

Reaching 7.8 on the Richter scale, the horrendous earthquake and subsequent aftershocks have claimed the lives of more than 5,000 and the death toll is rising daily. Hundreds of thousands more are affected by the destruction and need immediate assistance.

PokerStars and Full Tilt have taken on the task of organizing a charitable relief effort and are reaching out to the poker community to lend a helping hand as well. The Amaya-owned poker sites have announced that any donations made by poker players will be doubled in order to provide assistance to those who survived and are currently facing shortages of food and water in addition to very unhealthy sanitary conditions.

Every Little Bit Helps

Every donation helps no matter the amount considering that a pledge of $10 or $20 from players will be matched and doubled to $20 and $40 by PokerStars. There are several ways to donate, as the PokerStars Blog reports that players can do so via “tournament lobbies, player transfer and FPP donations.”

The money will reach those in need via CARE International representatives who are at the scene of destruction in Nepal at this moment providing relief efforts in every way possible and imaginable. Immediate action is required to prevent the tragedy from becoming even more widespread as Nepal residents deal with the aftermath of the worst earthquake to hit the country in some 80 years.

Charitable donations are pouring in from around the world, with Australia pledging $5 million, another £5 million from Great Britain, the European Commission has anted up €3 million, and the U.S. government has thus far tossed $1 million into the pot. The poker community has done a tremendous job in helping past relief efforts such as the devastating Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines in 2013, taking the lives of more than 6,300.

Over $560,000 was raised through PokerStars in that effort and it appears as though more may be needed for this latest calamity. Poker players have proven in the past that their hearts are in the right place during times of crisis when help is most needed and this is yet another one of those times.

How Do I Help?

For further information and to do your part, click on this Nepal Earthquake Emergency Appeal link at PokerStars, set up in conjunction with Helping Hands and CARE International. That link reveals the many ways that money can be donated.

Keep in mind that just $5 can feed an entire family for one day, while larger amounts will go toward other necessities such as clean drinking water and emergency shelter for those left homeless in the wake of the earthquake’s destruction.

Fellow human beings in another part of the world desperately need our help for survival. Donations both large and small accepted.

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